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Pamela - posted on 02/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, I am a new and first time mom of a 10.5 week old baby girl Émilie. When she was born she wouldnt latch on so it was difficult for the production to flow in properly so the hospital gave her Good Start....I kept her on that for about 2 weeks but didnt like it as she seemed to be very uncomfortable. So I switched her to the Similac Sensitive. I was also able to start BF after about a month and now its great (still cant exclusively) which is why I am supplementing half her feedings with formula.
After keeping her on the Similac Sensitive for awhile I started to notice that she still was very uncomfortable, screamed bloody murder when she was passing gas or digesting, spit up alot, vomited etc....So just recently I put her on Similac Insomil Soy....So far so good...she actually seems happier, talking lots by babbling and trying to find her voice...not as cranky and has pooped 3 times in the last 4 days which never happens lol its usually twice a week. Her spit up is very very little now which is great and has only vomited once (but I think thats due to how her positioning was then changing it really fast after a feeding) She still farts alot which I think is pretty normal, as long as she is getting that gas out burp or farts I am happy lol.
I am just hesitant with the Soy because I have read SO many bad reviews on Soy...but it seems to be doing the job for her. Long story made short I am just wondering if I am doing the right things?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I also second guess myself and sometimes feel as though I am doing something wrong as a first time mommy.
Thanks all :)


Sarah - posted on 02/25/2013




Sounds like soy is working for her. I would stay with that. There is nothing wrong with doing soy formula. In fact many babies are put on soy formula because the milk based formulas are too hard on their tummies when they are little. Many babies that are on soy based formulas can drink cow's milk when they get older (1 yrs and up). I myself was put on soy formula when I was little due to milk allergies. Both my two kids that were fed formula were automatically put on soy formula (since I had a milk allergy they just took the safe routine with my kids). Both of them now drink cow's milk with no issues. Neither myself or my kids have had any negative affects of the soy formula.

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