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Louise - posted on 08/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




i am having problems with my 3 yr old son, he dont like sharing toys but will share drinks and sweets. when it comes to him wanting a toy he will use any means ie snatching, pushing, pulling and hitting. i am always pulling him up on it and he calms down for a while then he starts up again, I am finding myself losing my temper with him more and more, it cant be thru boredom as we are always out and about doing things he enjoys, he also being quite rude to me lately, i feel exhausted most days and look forward to bed time but he also wakes most nights and is tired by 5pm and i have to keep him busy untill bedtime, any advice is welcome,



Determined - posted on 08/03/2012




I have a 3 y/o daughter and the rule in our house is if she cannot share no one gets to play with it. We will put the toy up until she decides she can share she decides pretty quickly that she'll share haha because she hates having toys taken away. As far as the attitude goes my girl is doing that too. I think it is a phase. She goes to time out when she is rude and stays there until she is ready to apologize, then we explain to her that when she is rude it hurts our feelings and makes us sad. She's getting better about not being rude but she still has her moments. Hope this helps a little.

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