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Eil - posted on 11/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 11 months old. His dad walked out on me 6 months pregnant. He seen his baby 3 times but no contaci n over 5 months. Now all of a sudden he wants to see his baby. Im concerned if he is going to let my baby down. He wont explain why he dissapeared just say nothing not even an apoligy. I dont know if he even deserves my son as he has done nothing even left his job to avoid child support. Now he wants to visit when he wants. Has anyone ever had their partner disapear and then suddenly wanting to see their child. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Also if there are any male views.


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Happens all the time.

The thing here is that he's got 50% "rights" to be a father. If he wants to be involved, great! Get paternity established, get custody and support set up through the courts, and let him see his kid.

To be quite honest, he really doesn't owe you any explanation. He may owe one to a judge when you get to that point, but if he's not in your life except as the father of your child, then he isn't accountable to you for his whereabouts.

Be the adult in the situation. Establish paternity, establish custody/visitation and support, and move forward.

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