Advice on coping with stillborn baby at 29 weeks

Rebecca - posted on 09/28/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have four kids and was due to have our fifth in November.on September 6 2013our third son was still born at 29 weeks gestation. We had his funeral on September 11 2013. I'm having a range if emotions and not really sure how to deal with this, I have had a rough could years where loss was concerned.on December 22,2009 my mom passed away.7months later on July 21 2010 my dad passed away,on April 7 2011 my dads youngest bother my uncle passed away. Finally something good happened in October 2011 we had our fourth child then a month later. (November 2011),my husband was diagnosed with Progressive MS. I just need someone to talk to as I really have no friends but my husband and no family as all my family lives in BC and I'm in Ontario,and my husbands family isn't much of a help at all. I got to spend four hours with the baby before they took him away and discharged me. Two days later I was back in the emergency room from the pain in my left side that I had been complaining about for a year(since October 2012). A week before the baby was born i had extreme pain in my left side so my OB doc send me in for ultrasound on my kidney,results were baby was fine i had no signs of kidney stones but did have a mild case of hydronepherosis (water on the kidney). So on September 9 while in the emergency the did a cat scan and was told then they would get me an appointment with a urologist with in the next week or two, by the time I got back to the funeral home to plan my sons funeral (approx 20-30 mins), the urologist was calling saying i had to come back for emergency kidney stone surgery as I had a 2cm sized kidney stone that was completely blocking my left kidney,however we had the funeral already set for September 11, so I ended up going in the morning of September 12. I currently have a stet in to drain my kidney which will be removed on October 1. I guess I really don't know what I'm asking, I know I'm having a hard time dealing with this just not sure how too. If anyone has gone thru something like this i could use any advice you have. Thank you.


Julie A - posted on 09/28/2013




You are such a strong woman to be reaching out already. Funny, I was hospitalized for a bad kidney infection during mothers day.Then it came back 3 months later . It was tough and I'm only 34. Takes time. Pray. Do what you gotta do to grieve. I had to get professional help. That, and time. I've already said a prayer for you. I promise it will get better . I lost my Noah when he was seven. He would have been 13 this past June 30. And today I celebrated my girls 2nd birthday. And I have an 8 month old girl! They are beautiful and a miracle! Such a blessing. God works in mysterious ways. I was mad at him for awhile, but time heals the stinging a bit..I had to focus on what I had while I had to accept he was gone. I pray you find acceptance and peace.

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