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Erika - posted on 12/30/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




my hubby and i have always wanted our kids to be close in age, we have a 3 1/2 yr old and a 7 month old, not as close as we hoped but cant complain! lately weve been talking and hinting to eachother, quite a bit, about trying again for our 3rd child within the next couple of months here, its something we are really excited about and have our mind set on, but how do we really know we are ready?


Mandie - posted on 01/02/2012




You don't. Thats just life sweetie. Its full of suprises and something you are ready for and then the other things you take them as they come and give it your best =) All 4 of my daughters are relatively close in age. 7 yrs old,4 yrs old,3 yrs old and almost 2 yrs old. We wanted them that way but lemme tell ya it can get very stressful with 3 babies in diapers lol(when they were all in diapers). You are running around like a chicken with their head cut off to various doc. appointments,feeding them,trying to please the baby while the older children are getting jealous and tryin to squeeze up on your lap where there is virtually no room to sit,cups,bottles,diaper changes,fighting about where each one sits in the cart at the store,etc... BUT my girls are very close with eachother,and when my oldest was potty trained at 4(stubborn little girl lol)she showed/helped my 2nd girl how its done who ended up potty training at 3,then after that my 3rd daughter saw and caught on and is potty trained now and has been for several months,so my youngest is almost ready for it now too. They play together,yes they fight but not as much as older children do with several years younger children about toys and whatnot. MY older girls always loved being the awesome big sister and helping with diaper changes or helping hold the baby bottle,or putting their hats on them or their mittens etc....One after the other watch and learn from eachother very quickly,and grow out of things just as the one before them had. As they get older most doctors will just have 1 appointment for all children needing to be seen instead of making seperate appointments for each. Its actually a lot easier than what it seems. I personally wouldn't have it any other way and I'm glad they were so close together because its just amazing how they teach each other everything. Also if you have the same sex children you don't have to buy as many clothes and toys because they can be handed down from the older children to the younger. All in all,you won't know you are ready for it until it happens and you go through it,but I did just fine and I'm sure you will too =)

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My two older children 1 year apart then theres my two younger babies 11 months apart ,If you and your husband are ready go for it . all the best

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I think you both sound like you are as ready as anyone can be. Our boys are 17.5mths apart, with the youngest being 8mths now. We've decided to wait until he's 12-18mths before starting to 'try' for #3, although I'm ready now I still want to have a bit more time with the youngest before a newborn is around.

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I have two kids 2 1/2 and 6 months old. I found the first couple months the worst, just because its hard to keep up with an active toddler and breastfeed. It seems that no one's needs are always equally being met. But with time, it is getting a little better and my eldest is starting to get excited about playing with her little sister. I thought I had it all figured out and was ready for number two, I under estimated how hard the jump from one to two would be. I am however very happy we did things this way though because the girls will have a better chance at being buddies down the line. My sister has two boys with a six year age gap and they are just too different in terms of interests and development to really get along well.

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To be honest, I don't think there's a way to be ready. You just have to be ready for some rough times and jump in feet first. I wanted my children close in age. Well, due to the military and my health condition, we started trying a little faster than originally planned and ended up with 2 boys 20 months apart in age. Were we ready? I don't know, but we manage just fine. Good luck.


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