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Advice on how to get my almost-three-month-old to go to sleep without crying

Jamie - posted on 12/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please, please help! My almost-three-month-old has never slept more than five hours (once she slept five, but usually it's more like three)--but until this week I could usually get her to bed around seven or seven-thirty and wake her for a feeding/diaper change at ten-thirty (or if not, she'd wake up on her own around midnight or one). But last week she got vaccines (which probably has little to do with it, but it started the same day) and absolutely would NOT go to sleep. When I put her in her bed after feeding her and doing her singing/story-time ritual she was wide awake and screaming within ten minutes (I've both put her to bed drowsy and sometimes put her to bed asleep. Both used to work--but drowsy she'd sometimes require me to pop back in once to give her a pacifier, etc., then go to sleep).

Now she wakes and screams over and over again for hours, stopping for a bit to snooze then waking back up. To make matters worse, she's waking in the night every 90 minutes or so to eat, and fusses sometimes before going back to bed (this NEVER used to happen), and when she does go to bed she wiggles and keeps ME awake even when she's not crying. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. My husband and I argue because I'm so stressed (and tired!) about her new habit and I get absolutely no break at all or me time.

If anyone has ANY thoughts or tips, please, please help! (Baby sleeps lightly during the day for two or three naps, usually no more than thirty minutes tops, and often wakes for THOSE if you put her down...) Esh. I couldn't love her more...but sleep is vital too!


Sylvia - posted on 12/23/2012




Growth spurt! Growth spurt! Before and during a growth spurt babies need to nurse more often because (a) they need more calories and (b) breasts work on a supply-and-demand basis, so in order to increase the supply, the baby increases the demand. And 3 months is one of the typical ages for growth spurts. Nursing every couple of hours during the night is actually very, very normal -- I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's the sleeping for 5 hours at a stretch that's atypical at this age!

She could be getting a tooth, too, but 3 months is super early for that IME. You never know, though.

It's also very possible that she had a reaction to the vaccinations -- lots of babies do.

This too shall pass! Honest, it doesn't last forever (it just seems that way).


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Danielle Kimberly - posted on 12/23/2012




My LOs sleep patterns changed drastically at that age too (she used to sleep from 7pm to 5am without waking, but then started waking almost every hour and this went on for a month), but I found out that it was due to teething. I had no idea, but by 4 months, she had 2 teeth. Maybe that's what is bothering your LO. Just a thought. I know when it was me going through it with my LO, all advice was welcome lol.. Good luck!! : )

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