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Chanza2003 - posted on 07/26/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 12 year old stepdaughter lives with her Mum and Grandmother full time. This is an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship between the 3 of them.
We offer a lot of support in all areas and do as much as we are physically able to be there for her.
Yet her loyalty seems to be with Mum even if it means sacrificing her family here. Whenever we see her she pleads and vents about how miserable her life is with her Mum and Grandmother but at the drop of a hat conforms to there every need and want. If it means not talking to us or seeing us because Mum has other plans she listens to Mum.
We are feeling so defeated. What do we do?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/27/2015




Well, your husband can try to go back to court to get more time. 50/50 custody, or whatever he is looking for.

She loves her mom. She may be venting. There may not be a problem in the home at all. Never talk ill of her mom or grandmother to her. Continue to be supportive and loving.

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