Advice please.....38 weeks pregnant!

Amanda - posted on 11/11/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi, I am 38 weeks pregnant with baby number 4. I know i should know what is going on, but my waters broke with the other pregnancies before having any actual labor, and i was induced with the others as well, and have heard things are different with you aren't for the past month i have been in false labor. My "braxton hicks have been regular ever 5 mins lasting up to 3 mins each. But then they stop for a few days, and come back again....but for the past couple days now i have been having bad back pain, shooting pains in my growing area, as well as pressure and the feeling like i have to have a bm. Today i have been having this burning sensation from my back down my hips, along with some contractions(not every time), and lots of cramping....I would like some advice please....i'm so sick of going into L&D, just to bed told it's false labor...but i'm not sure how long to let this go on for as this is day 4. I go to see my dr tomorrow, maybe i'm just best to wait to see him, unless my water breaks or i have show....but i thought i'd see if there is any other advice out there...

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