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Casey - posted on 09/14/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




SO... This kinda sucks that Im even haveing to write any of this but....
My grandma thinks that my son is being abused. She has all but said it to my mom. She has threatened to call DCFS (Department of Child and Family Services) on me. I dont think she ever did but its still the point. I know Ive made some mistakes as a parent and a person but I would NEVER abuse my son in any way or let someone else! Im kinda worried about what she may do. I need some advice on how to handle this. Anything will help. Please!


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I would go straight to the horses mouth, and find out exactly what your grandmother considers abuse. It may be a confusion or miscommunication. Who knows. Do not go to her with an attitude "how could you think I would abuse my son" more of genuinely concerned tone. You cannot control other peoples actions, but you certainly can talk to them about it when they are worried about parenting techniques.


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Amanda - posted on 09/18/2011




Parents dont lose their kids for yelling at them and times, nor do they lose their kids for having them young. If you arent abusing your son you have nothing to worry about.

Casey - posted on 09/18/2011




because Mary I dont want to have to deal with them at all. I was young when I had my son so I have that against me. Im not a perfect parent but I love him and would never intentionally do anything to hurt him.

Hollie - posted on 09/16/2011




if they do let them just come in and do their job and just cooperate, you know you didnt do any harm :)

Casey - posted on 09/16/2011




I had someone call DCFS on me a few days ago. They have to come out and investigate if they receive a call. Well they are supposed to. Im not sure who made the call. It was made for yelling at my son and puttin him in timeout for too long. None of witch happened. The case was unfounded and dropped within 2 days. Im not too worried about it anymore. I talked to her and my mom said she did this crap all the time to her when I was younger and never called. So I guess I worried a little too early. Thanks Ladies.

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If she calls, they will take a report. If they think, based on what she has said, there is cause to worry they will pay you a visit.

If they think, based on that, there is cause to worry, the next step will be taken

It's a crap shoot - it depends so much on who answers the phone, who pays the visit .... their education training and life experience

The kids they focus on most .... infants who have been abused/sexually abused/ or killed

Then, toddlers -

Then older kids .... emotional abuse and neglect are harder to prove

As for what to do about her .... why is she so worked up?

What does your mom and other family members say?

Has anyone before put you in this spot? If other calls have been made, they are more likely to take action

Casey - posted on 09/14/2011




She worked in as a secretary in a group home for a wile before my mom was born I believe and was a foster parent before she had my mom. I guess my son told her that my boyfriend made him drink mouthwash. I know this isnt true because Im always here with them. He said that he licked her hand and in her words flicked his tong on her fingers. Hes 4 for crying out loud and still puts stuff in his mouth.
I did talk to her today. She said that she was just concerned. But it still hurts. Thanks ladies.

Katherine - posted on 09/14/2011




Why does she think he's being abused? What has led her to this conclusion?

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