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Hi im new here and i am in need of some advice. I am a mom of 2. 1 boy and 1 girl. My little girl is almost a year and half and my son is 3 months. I am having issures with my MIL. She wants to have control of everything and she isnt letting me be mom. My MIL buys all the babies clothes and stuff. she also says here you go patrick (my son) you can wear this the 4th of July (his birthday). and she also had a costume picked out for my daughter which was too small in the first place. she dont listen at all to anyone. i told her that the costume was going to be too small but she was all like we will see and it didnt fit her in the beginning. she assumes things and she is right because she assumed it. she automatically thinks she has to drive me places when i have the car when my husband is off work. i am going to be 20 years old and i have my drivers license. she chose where we can live and she set it up where we have to buy it now with out consulting us first and she comes into mine and my husbands house like she owns it. she tries to control how we dress the kids for the weather and we do just fine but no she says cover her head when its 70 fells like 80 and no wind. she tries to control what we do with the kids and how we raise them. she also tries to control her son (my husband) and he has stood up to her and i have to and it made matters worse. she wont listen to her mom, husband, sons, daughter in laws, daughter, sisters or anyone. she hears a story about this person died cuz of whatever happened. she noses into where we are at and what we are doing. she calls 10 times a day to ask the same old thing over and over again and if we tell her we arent home and we are in town she says where at in town? its like does it matter your not the mom. you dont have the kids and she worries over everything. like if my daughter is running a slight temp cuz she is cutting teeth she automatically thinks she NEEDS tylonol for it and thats not the case where she needs it if it was she would be in danger as much as she would give it to her. she didnt believe me when my daughter was 5-6 months and she was getting her bottom 2 teeth and she had them in fully at 9 months. then she believed me. she wants to be mom not grandma and i dont know what to do cuz she will not listen to anyone. OH and she thinks she has the right to take the babies when she wants. one day she came in and just took both kids without telling us and where she was going also she didnt even ask. she also tried undoing the blankets off of my husband and i when we was in bed. she just walks into our bedroom like its hers so to sum the bedroom thing up she gives us no privacy. Sunday morning we didnt plan on our daughter going to church (my son was with my sister at my dads) so she come over a 830am pounding on the door nonstop then she goes to the bedroom window and looks in and knocks then she comes back at 930 and does the same thing. no call or anything. its bugging the heck out of me and making me more than angry. Also she freaked out one night she come over no call or txt but anyway she freaked out cuz my son was sleeping and alison was in the pack and play while i went out for 2 minutes to get the mail. she wont let Alison play in her room here without having to have hawk eyes on her so she wont fall or pick up paper (which if she does she gives the paper to an adult) which there is NOTHING in her room that will hurt her. so im not sure what to do.


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She talked to the landowner and i guess because she helped us get the house the land owner let her. that the only thing i know. we have been trying to reach the land owner but cant get hold of him. anytime we call he isnt there. and the land owner is the lady that used to live here son.

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How on earth can she lock you into a contract to buy a house without your consent in some way? Unless you signed something, then I can't see how that is possible because there is no contract with you. And if you signed something, well, then you consented.

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Faye and whoever else:

the problem is what she picked out was an older costume and they dont make it anymore and i have explained to her the rules. i talked at her not to her and my husband has done the same thing we have changed locks. we can move though she picked out a house where we are stuck here. til we get the house bought and the car is what my husband and i picked out not her. we want to move into town but now thats impossible. cant get hold of land owner so stuck here. O and if we leave her on the front porch. she goes to mine and my husbands bedroom window and looks in and pounds on it.

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Next time she walks into your house without invite, call the police and report you have an intruder!

Explain your rules while at your house.

1) Only if the child is running a fever over a certain temp then that is the time to give Tylenol not below.

2) She MUST first contact BEFORE she shows up! Otherwise you and the kids will leave her sitting on the front steps without an explanation!

Unless you like the house she picked out, make moving a PRIORITY! and soon. At the very least change the locks! Unless you like the car she picked out, find another soon.

Go buy the correct size costume for the older child (same design) so he can go as the same thing.

While I hate to take it this far, you may have to move cities and phone numbers!

Good Luck! I was lucky in that both of my MIL's were/are angels the whole time I knew/have known them. I can not imagine having a MIL with all of these insecurities/problems.

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