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Can someone tell me if I am feeding my daughter correctly?

Her schedule:
Wakes at 5:30 am-bottle formula 6oz
7am (breakfast): Oatmeal Cereal with banana (1tbs of cereal mixed with 3tbs of baby formula mixed with 3 baby spoons of banana) (With about 2oz of water)
8:30am: baby formula 6oz
10:30am (snack): 1/2 jar of fruit (banana or applesauce) (With about 2oz of water)
11:30am: baby formula 6oz
1:30pm (lunch): 1 jar vegetable or fruit (squash, carrots, sweet potato, applesauce) (With about 2oz of water)
2:30pm: baby formula 6oz
4:30pm (dinner): 1/2 jar or jar (depending if she's still hungry) of fruit or vegetable (sweet potato, turkey w/sweet potato, and trying to start her off on meats for protein. such as; chicken with gravy, beef with gravy)(stage 2) (With about 2oz of water)
5:30pm-6:30pm-bath time
6:30pm-7:00pm: baby formula 6oz (sleeps during this feeding)
10pm-12am-Usualy wakes in between this time for a 6oz bottle
2:30am-6oz baby formula 6oz
-Then sleeps until she wakes at 5:30am.

This schedule seems to work for her. But I am concerned that I am feeding her too much. Can you provide me with tips? I am a first time mother and your advise is appreciated. Also, having a hard time feeding her meats. She seems to dislike it and gags every time I try to feed her it. Any tips?


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First off you don't mention how old she is. It's hard to help without knowing an age. Second, if you have dietary concerns your best bet would be to take her to your local WIC office or her doctor for advice. Every child is different, so it would be hard for anyone to give you this answer without knowing your child.
If your baby isn't eating meats she may not be ready. From your list though it does seem you feed her quite often. (When mine got on baby food I would normally feed them every 3-4 hours with around two snacks per day, and I would alternate with a bottle of formula milk mixed with rice cereal, then the next feeding as much jar food as they would eat before they seemed to lose interest and a couple ounces of water with 1 ounce of juice. They had a morning snack and an afternoon snack.) Check with your local health dept (WIC) or doctor! They will give you the soundest advice, but if it seems to work for your child and she isn't considered dangerously overweight don't worry so much.
Good luck and don't stress, my first baby I worried about EVERYTHING.

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Make teet bigger and mix half baby porridge with half milk. Give her what she likes. Pharmaton makes a syrup that helps with kids that dont eat.

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