advise on how to stop your child hurt others feelings

Natasha - posted on 02/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi, I have a 6 year old very lovely and caring daughter. but a few months ago she told me that a boy in the class smells and said OOOH when ever we spoke about him. I explained that we should not speak like this aobut anybody and I made it very clear that this was wrong. Today when I was dropping her off to school she and her friedn again said OOH when we saw him in school. That poor boy just looked away. I was shocked and immediately asked that girls what was that about. I asked them to apologise to him infront of other children. Later i tokd my daughter that i feel very hurt and told her that I am going to apologise to the boy concerned. I went up to him and gently held his shoulder and said sorry and that i have explained to my daughter not to do so. I also advised him that he should not accept this behaviour from anyone. I said he should just stand up and say that he doesnt like it and that they should stop. I am very confused now. I don't my daughter to feel that I didnt stand by her side and also that other children or moms should now target my daughter. To be honest she is so loving and caring that this has shocked me. I did speak to other parents a few months ago and realised tht all girld in their class do that. Any advise will help


Amy - posted on 02/01/2013




I think you absolutely did the right thing! No one wants to think their kid is the bully but if you find out yours is then you need to put your foot down. I would maybe just reach out to the teacher and let her know that you've observed this behavior from your daughter and you would like it addressed immediately if witnessed by the teacher. Also contact the school psychologist and see if they can speak to your daughter.

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