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My sister in law named her son after her father with a different middle name(richard) Now i am having a son and my husband is a jr. We want to name our son after my husband(richard) is that stupid of me to do being as my sister in law named her son richard? My son would be the third generation. Not really sure why she named
her son after her father and brother and she was not married and she didnt use the biological fathers last name she has her son use her last name which is the family name and now i have a difficult time naming my son after his own father. Please help me with your opinion.

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Shannon - posted on 11/13/2013




You should name your child, whatever name you desire, regardless of what your sister-in-law named her child or her reasons for naming her child. So what if the cousins are both "Little Ricky?."

If having Richard the III is important to you, then Richard the III it is. You could still make him the III, and perhaps call him by his middle name.

God has blessed you! Congratulations!

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Well, she probably named her son after her father and brother because they are the most important men in her life, and because she is not yet married, she probably expects that they will be important in her son's life. If she was not married to the biological father, I don't see why she would give her son the bio dad's name, the child should have her name or both names, but certainly not just her ex's name.

I don't think it would be taboo to name your child after your husband, especially if the middle name is different. Would you consider calling your son by his middle name, or by a different nick name? Also, your son would not be a "junior" he would be a "III" or "the third". Your husband is the junior.

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