Advise please! my son is throwing up in his sleep

Cassie - posted on 09/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is 16 months old- hes been sick off and on for 2 months. everytime we take him to the doctor, they say "come back in a few days if it gets worse"

recently hes been throwing up in his sleep 2 nights in a row, then he threw up after lunch & then the next night in his sleep.

the doctor said "the flu is going around" even after we expressed how odd his behavior has been ect.

when I picked him up from daycare today, he was emotionless, different and seemed completely not himself. when we were at home nothing excited him like normal... hes SO weak and almost feels limp. usually its hard to get him to bed or he stays up "reading" in his crib until he falls asleep0 to which is usually 8:3 0-9pm tonight he wanted to goto bed before 7. Hes been completely out.

if it was the flu, who seriously throws up that many days in a row? especially in their sleep?

I asked if it was acid reflux and food poisoning maybe? and they didn't seem concerned.

im so worried and would take any advice....


Jeanette - posted on 09/26/2013




First I would change the doctor and go for a second opinion elsewhere. This seems very serious to me and especially the way he's been acting now.

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