advise suspected adhd with my 5 year old


Ariana - posted on 10/10/2012




More information would be helpful. Why do you suspect he has ADHD? Have you seen a doctor about it?

I don't know anything about it, but I've seen a lot of cases where kids with supposed 'ADHD' were just energetic and had not been trained to focus. Obviously there are some kids with legitimate ADHD who just simply cannot focus.

If your child is overly energetic you may want to put him into more physical activities (swimming, gymnastics, soccer, dance, etc.). Take him to the park, see if you can tire him out.

Practice doing activities with him using a timer. So if you want him to sit still for a certain period of time to work on something put a timer on starting at 5 minutes. When he does the task give him lots of praise. See how difficult it was for him. If he starts being able to do it for 5 minutes upgrade to 8 minutes, or 10 if he looks ready etc. At five I wouldn't try for over 30 minutes, even for focused 5 year olds that's a stretch. If it's an interesting activity maybe 25 minutes but ultimately the goal should be 15-20 minutes.

Like I said this should be a slow progression, he may need training in focusing. Limit or get rid of his screen time. Having television on all the time can be a major contributor to lack of focus. I usually use television as a time to have a shower and things. I would limit screen time (any type of screen) to an hour a day.

If you think he legitimately has ADHD I would still advize all of these things but you need to talk to your doctor about getting testing done.

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