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Teach your kids values. Teach them we are all equal and that the party, school, house and car does not make them more important than the homeless man in the street. We are all homeless until we make it back to our Heavenly Home. That goes for the ignorant parents, especially. too much affluenza around


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Wow...So, are you calling everyone ignorant?

This statement offends me, actually, because you are assuming that no one (well, besides yourself, it sounds like) gives a flying fuck about anyone else in this world but themselves. ETA: On the other hand, it amuses me, because I've just seen your other post about your daughter whining about her economical situation, so perhaps you should first and foremost apply your advice to your personal situation.** End of edit

I think you'll find that the majority of people wouldn't agree with you...Personally, I find the ratio of 'entitled' attitudes to 'giving' attitudes is the reverse of what you describe, and choose to point out the good in the world, not emphasize the bad.

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