Afraid of the water.

Christina - posted on 07/17/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter just turned 2 and is afraid of the water, I mean really terrified. She has always been afraid of pools, even at 1 years old. Now at daycare they have sprinkler days twice a week, and I thought watching her friends might help, but no, she just sits on her towel by herself twice a week, and that makes me sad. I have tried buying a small pool and just sitting in it until she feels comfortable, and I have gotten her to the point that she will thrown things in it, but when it comes to getting in it, she freaks out. To make matters worse in the last week she has been afraid to go in the tub, she screams and cries the whole time, and she was like that in the beginning, but that hasn't been an issue for over a year, and now it seems to be back. She even flipped out tonight when I tried to just wipe her hands and face down with a wash cloth. I have talked to her doctor about maybe seeing an occupational therapist, I just don't want her to think it is something that will hurt her, plus she is missing out on so many summer activities. She has always had some sensory issues, but she seems to be really improving on alot of them with the exception of the water. She is also a very cautious kid, she is shy and scared, and it takes her a while to warm up....she is very attached to me, sometimes she will even cry and scream when I leave the room when my husband is with her. I keep bringing up having her evalulated by the therapist to my husband and other family members, and everyone is urging me against it. She is a very bright kid, speaks well, she can count to ten in english and spanish, sings her ABC's, as well as other songs, I don't think there is anything wrong, I just think she may need some assistance to help get her over some fears.

Does anyone have a kid that hates the water or any of these other issues, what is your advice, what steps did you take?


Kylie - posted on 07/17/2011




I think you just need to give her time. Don't make it a big deal. Approach water games, swimming and bathing with positivity but if she doesn't want to get wet, respect that. My son did the same thing, he actually didn't bathe for 6 weeks, If i tried to put him in the bath he would cry and scream and fight to get out. What finally got him over his fear was me showing him pictures of himself in the bath as a baby. I told him stories about bath time and how much fun he used to have. He still doesn't like water being poured on his head but loves water play and baths now. My son is also quite shy and very attached, especially in new situations and around strangers. I think it shows intelligence to be wary. I dont think there is anything wrong with our kids, i wouldn't worry about seeing a therapist. Just be supportive and respect her feelings and she will come around when she is ready to.

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