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Nichole - posted on 12/06/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am not currently pregnant but have been talking with my husband about more children someday. I was just wondering will my last pregnancy repeat itself??

I found out I was pregnant when I was 2 weeks along. I had been feeling tired, but didn't think anything of it. I was in a car accident so because we had been TTC I took a test just because I felt I should. Well instincts were right. I was 2 weeks along. I started cramping on and off at 10 weeks. I was terrified I was gonna miscarry, but the doctor told me not to worry, as long as I was not bleeding and the pain was just mild like menstrual cramps. So I just tried to take it easy if I started getting the cramps. Then at 19 weeks it felt worse, so I was sent to the hospital to check on the baby. He was fine, but I was having mild irregular contractions, so they gave me an IV and then they stopped and sent me home. Told me to keep my activity level low, but I was not on bedrest or any real restrictions just take it easy. At 21 weeks the nightmare got worse.... I went into labor. I rushed to the hospital, they gave 3 shots, and an IV and kept me overnight. They managed to stop the labor and sent me home with instructions that I was on partial bedrest...more of the day was to be spent laying or sitting, but I could still do somethings. I did my best to rest and not get up I was so scared. Then at 24 weeks it all began again. Only this time I was dialated to a 1 (not much, but when it's ur first kid and your that early feels like alot). They hospitalized me for 2 nights and gave me several drugs (to stop labor and steriods for the baby in case he came). Finally they got it to slow down to irregular and weak so they sent me home with instructions not to get out of bed unless to use the bathroom. At 27 weeks I was back in the hospital...same routine, only dialated to a 2 and 25% effaced. Sent home again, told to drink lots of fluids, given contraction meds to take, total bedrest, and had to get weekly hormone shots to keep me preggo. At 32 weeks I was back again. This time I was a 2 1/2 and 50%. I was worried, but they were able to stop it again. I didn't go into labor again until 36 weeks and at my hospital they don't stop labor once you made it that far along, plus I was dialated to a 4 & completely effaced (which they say is too far into labor to stop). So I worried about my premie to come, as I spent the night in labor. Then the next morning hardly progressed so I was induced, and then thngs got moving fast. My son was born 7 pound 5 ounces, 3 1/2 weeks early, swallowed the meconium, and had a hematoma the size of the entire side of his head and minus some issues breathing for his first 2 days and asthma like 30 pounds, 33 inches). That was the most stressful and scary pregnancy and it was my now I'm worried about having more chidren. What if that happens again but the ending isn't as happy as this one??


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Megan - posted on 12/06/2010




My pregnancy was not as scary as yours but also very bad, misdiagnosis, ect. It took us almost three years to be ready to start trying again, and two years later, we are still trying. Don't be in a rush to get there, take your time and decide when you are comfortable.

Tyrae - posted on 12/06/2010




I have a cousin in-law who had her first baby 6 weeks premature. He had to be kept in the NICU for weeks before he was allowed to go home. But good news is, she carried her next 2 babies to what is considered full term at 37 weeks. Every pregnancy is different. If you are really worried you could always talk to your doctor about preventative measures you could take early on in the pregnancy that could help drop your chance of going into early labor again.

Laura - posted on 12/06/2010




Every pregnancy carries risk, even in supposedly healthy women! That risk can go up or down when certain factors are added into the whole pregnancy equation. Your history would be taken into consideration when assessing your risk during another pregnancy, which would most likely raise it, based on what you have described. That is just the way it is!

With that understanding, modern medicine has a lot of tools to help reduce those inherent risks. While your fear is valid based on your previous experience, that experience is by no means a predictor of the exact future! You need to consider those medical tools that could help you during another pregnancy. Those tools could just as likely give you a smoothe and easy pregnancy next time around!

Ultimately this is a decision that you and your husband will need to make, taking into consideration your fears and concerns from your last experience. Life is risky in and of itself. Understanding that you might be a high-risk pregnancy in the future can allow you to plan carefully with your doctor knowing that you may need special "tools" during your pregnancy. If you and your husband choose not to have any more children, that is fine too! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, either! You do what is right for you and your family. Good luck to you!

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