AGGGHHH!!!! Head Lice, Suggestions??????

Jessica - posted on 11/19/2010 ( 16 moms have responded )




Ok, my daughter has got head lice and i have tired everything i know, but still no results, i tired shampoo an containers, washing sheets, toys and spraying bed even cut her hair but nothing is working, has anyone esle had this problem and what other could i try, i've done everyone esle hair and stopped her from seeing those with it, its annoying me bad coz im spending too much money and really need to see results, i dont want to cut her hair anymore


Amanda - posted on 11/21/2010




Lice MD worked really well for us when my daughter got it...and it is pesticide free.

Christy - posted on 11/19/2010




RID works wonders. Also whoever she got it from needs to be treated. Lice cannot live long w/o a host so they won't be in the bedding that long.

Brandy - posted on 11/19/2010




I have found the best treatment to be an over the counter lice treatment kit. As Jackie-Rae stated, 'get comfy'... The lice comb will become your best friend. The treatments I have used in the past have to be done twice - once and then again a week or two later. In between treatments I would use the lice comb after every shower to work on getting those nits out. Wash everything (and we do mean everything). I am so paranoid I would actually throw away all brushes, ponytail holders, etc rather than clean and sanitize them. Clean and vacuum her carseat as well as your entire car. In my research, I actually read on some reputable sites that cutting hair doesn't ensure any help, so I wouldn't do that again since you don't want anyway. Lice aren't picky about length of hair, they'll take what they can get. For future, teach your daughter not to use other people's hair brushes. When I was little, that was a huge thing to do when we were playing (doing each other's hair). Unfortunately not everyone will be helpful and tell you when their children (or themselves) have lice, but hopefully you can learn ways to get rid of it that work for you! Good luck!!!

Jackie - posted on 11/19/2010




**Deep Breath**

I've had to deal with these little bastards plenty. I swear I could be in the same state with someone who had it and I was doomed when I was little...

First - don't try to use olive oil or mayo until after you've treated her with the over the counter lice shampoo. The oil based things are really to loosen the nits so that they come off the hair folicle easier. It can also help to suffocate the live bug but does nothing to kill the eggs.

You will need to use the special comb in her hair that is designed to pull them out then go through her hair with your fingers. It is going to take a while so get comfy.

You will need to treat everyone and everything. Bedding, stuffed animals (you can through them in the dryer on high heat) carpets, your car, everything!

You will need to treat her again with the shampoo a few days later to prevent re-infestation and treat everything again.

I recommend, NIX or RID and you can also get a Rx from the doctor.

Louise - posted on 11/19/2010




You need to treat the entire family with Lyclear spray and throw away her pillow so that any eggs left init do not hatch and start the cycle again. Keep her hair tied up and wash it every other day or so as head lice tend to prefer clean hair. Other than that there is nothing you can do but use a nit comb routinely and always use a conditioner so that the little blitters can't grip the hair to well.

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Kimberly - posted on 11/24/2010




I've went through this very same problem...I tried EVERYTHING you could think of except for the olive oil (mayo, RID, etc.). I cleaned the house up and dwn, got rid of all the carpets, new pillows n bedding, n even a new mattress. I found out that another little girl that we knew was the source of it all. When I took her to her pediatrician, I explained to her what all I had tried. She prescribed some medicated shampoo like stuff that u put in their hair for 8 hours (like right before bed) and rinse it out...Blow-drying does help so try to blow-dry everytime u can...I never had a problem with it again!!! If you still continue to have problems with it, I would def. talk to the pediatrician about it. I know it can sometimes be an embarassing thing, but more people go through it than u think. Good Luck!!!

Amanda - posted on 11/22/2010




After my daughter had lice a few years ago, the nurse told us the best way to keep them away is to use a hair dryer after washing hair, and to put hairspray in your hair every morning before school.

Amanda - posted on 11/21/2010




try totally caking her hair and everyone elses in the house hold with Maricle Whip and putting a bandana on to hold her hair in place and leave in over night in the morning wash it out using shampoo and comb through hair with a lice comb. make sure you wash all bedding and vacuum carpets throughout the house really well.. this cured it in my sister when she had it really bad.. if needed repeat.. it also helps make your hair really soft!

Melissa - posted on 11/21/2010




I had lice for THREE MONTHS from the kids I babysit! I tried every over the counter medicine, prescription medicine, and remedy there is. Turns out they were "super lice". They have become resistant to treatments. I finally got rid of them by cutting my hair super short, having them picked out of my hair everyday, using a green tea shampoo everyday, blow drying everyday, hair spray everyday, and an overnight prescription every day. Of course also vacuuming whole house, car, bleaching sheets every night. Also bought all new pillows. I still check my hair its been 2 years since lol

Lynette - posted on 11/19/2010




Getting lice is very common. It doesn't mean that your dirty. Keep a supply of Lice shampoos on hand along with a lice comb. Be prepared to spend hours combing the eggs out of the hair. When my daughter was younger she would come home with notes at least 4 times a year stating the school had a lice outbreak. Do not let her use others brushes, combs, clips or ponytail holders. Only use their own hats, scarves, head bands or even hoodies.

Kate CP - posted on 11/19/2010




Treat the carpet and the car and the car seats. I only had to treat for lice one time because I treated EVERYTHING she came in contact with. Treat her head again and wash all her linens and stuffed animals in hot hot water. Treat the beds, pillows, couches, carpet, and any other fabric surfaces. Don't bother with the natural remedies as they tend to take longer and don't give such great results. Use a product with pyrithrens in it.

Tera - posted on 11/19/2010




Yes I've used Olive oil as well. Use Dawn dishsoap later on to get all the oil out.

Tera - posted on 11/19/2010




Hi, I had that problem when my kids were little. The best thing I've used was Maynonaise. You put it in the hair with a shower cap and leave on overnight and it suffocates the bugs. I have always hand picked the eggs out though.

Caroline - posted on 11/19/2010




I was told to use the cheapest brand of conditioner you can find put pretty much the whole bottle on your child's hair and cover with a shower cap and let it sit for upto an hour to suffercate the little blighters. then wash out as normal and comb to get rid of eggs and bugs. Then wash all bedding, towels etc with a mix of normal washing detergents and eucalyptus oil to kill and keep them at bay. This was told to me via health dept. Good luck

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