agh another morning of losing my temper with my 5 yr daughter. we get clothes etc ready the night before but she tries to hoodwink dad in the mornings and drags her feet. a lot of time i work until 11pm at night so im not the happiest in the morning but her behaviour drives me nuts. we both end up having a horrible morning before school and i end up feeling like the worst mom alive all day. i need some advice on how not to lose it in the mornings


Bethany - posted on 05/02/2012




Deep breaths and lots of praise! I praise my son (hes 3) more then I punish him and he gets really happy and does as hes told when hes told when he gets praised. I have also noticed my son gets really defiant and slow when I yell at him. So give praise a go tomorrow morning try saying something like you got out of bed faster today, that makes mummy happy or your such a good girl for getting dressed without too much fuss. Just a couple out of a possible million things you could say, hope it works for you and good luck tomorrow morning.

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