Airline travel w/young children!! Help! Need advice!

Carlotta - posted on 04/12/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Would like any info, tips, tricks on airline travel this summer w/ my 1,3 & 5 year old. Especially if anyone has any airline they'd recommend!!!!!!! Please help!


Kristin - posted on 04/12/2010




First, take another adult. Second, get the 1 year old their own seat and strap them into their carseat. You should be able to check with the manufaturer and your airline for compatibility. I have flown United, Delta, and Northwest (or whatever it is now) without problems. If the one is breast feeding still, just take a blanket. You will want the extra air because of baby being on you and baby may get chilled. It will also help with "those" people who look at you like a freak for breastfeeding. If you can, book you flight for nap/quiet time and use the time waiting to burn up some of their energy. Some airlines have play areas for kids, ask any of the airport personnel and they should be able to tell you.

Take a small carry on for each child, think something they can carry like a back pack or whatever. It's fine if you don't want to, but pretty sure the 5 year old will want to be in charge of their stuff. Each kid will need a book or two, a toy, maybe a blanket, and some snacks. A couple of new things that are ONLY for the plane help too. Do not give them cart blanche with the things in the bags, rotate through. Get the kind that are sealed, get drinks once past security too big a pain in the.... If your 1 year old is still on formula, get it at the destination. It's just easier than dealing with security. Brush up on some finger, hand, and lap games that you can play with them. Do not be afraid to discipline your child. It is more annoying to have a child running amok than to have a child fussing for being in time out. Make the seatbelts a non-negotiable thing, just like in the car. The only time it can be undone is to go to the bathroom. It's safer for them to be strapped in anyway, never know when turbulance can happen.

Ultimately, if you can work their regular schedule into what's happening, that will help. But, just roll with anything that does occur. Your kids will pick up on your tension and then it will just spiral. If it seems to them that you are on a great adventure, they will have fun with this too.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck.


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User - posted on 04/17/2012




A kid below 2 years old doesn't get a seat, and if he/she is NOT above 13 kilos (depending on the airline you're with), you can request a bassinet.If he/she is on formula, try bringing water only good for the duration of your flight.I sat beside a lady who was travelling from Australia to Holland solo with a 3 month old baby and she had oodles of sterilized bottles BUT with not a lot of water,Singapore Airlines attendants gladly filled her water bottles with water (sort of hot- the kind they serve with coffee/tea with).if you're alone,don't be ashamed to ask help from the attendants, they would be quite helpful provided it's after or before meals being served.I really liked how thoughtful the Singapore Air attendants think of everything-me,my husband and the lady took turns eating (served our meals ahead of everybody) so my baby and her son had enough adult attention and supervision.Other things to consider-
1-preferably notify your airlines with the meals for your kids beforehand, during booking, if you prefer them to have child's meals as not all airline are very accommodating.

2-let your 3 & 5 year old pack their fave toys for comfort AND as a treat, get them new small toys to get busy with.Crayons and paper are also a good idea.

3-During take off-ease the pressure on their ears by letting them suck on lollies or (if you allow them gum)-offer chewing gum.let your 1 year old suck on his/her sippy bottle/breastfeed.

4-as your 3 & 5 year old get their own seats, you may want to bring your car seats for each of them.

5-Strollers/Prams-preferably check this in if your waiting time isn't that long (with 3 kids, I'm sure it won't be!) there are some airports that have strollers you can use.

6-centralize your carry on, preferably your diaper bag-with the liquids and aerosol in ziplock bag (yes, the diaper cream counts!) and another small bag for your electronic items (phone,camera,ipad,etc...) so that when this passes through the airport scanners, you just pick them up afterwards. Do the same for your passports ,boarding passes so nothing gets left behind/missing.

7-if their is time prior to flight-make sure your kids are well fed as sometimes the food on the airlines aren't very filling or it's not to their liking-sort of a treat :)

8- in your kids' packs, make sure you include a change of clothes, a jacket if it gets too cold

Kristine - posted on 04/12/2010




I agree that your one year old should sit in their own seat, for your sanity. I suggest having something for them to suck on during take off for their ears. If your baby takes a binky, breast feeds or has a bottle any of those will work and hard candy to suck on for the other 2. My kids freaked out when there ears needed to pop and this seemed to do the trick for them. Also I suggest you let them pick a few new activities to bring on the plane. Let them pick out some things and do not let them play with them until they are on the plane. New toys always help keep them entertained especially if they are excited and have had to wait to play with them

Emily - posted on 04/12/2010




Carseat is a must for any child over 2. Try to find a airline that allows pre-boarding for families, some don't. If they dont allow pre-boarding then be the last to get on the plane. I-phone or dvd player is wonderful to keep the 3 and 5 year old entertained and it isn't messy . Make sure you have plenty of diapers and formula with you. I haven't been to an airport where they sell either diapers or formula and if you get stuck at an airport those are 2 things you don't want to run out of.

Brittany - posted on 04/12/2010




just a few months ago we took our then 8 month old and 23 month old on a 2 hour flight to disney world. both of our kids still we made sure we had their blankies that they sleep with and some special juice for them...and they both slept most of the way (we were really excited!!!) but we also went very prepared just in case! my grandma went with us and took a portable dvd player (worked great with my 3 year old sister on the plane!). in our bag...we packed special snacks and juice (things they didnt get very often) and i pulled out some toys that they had not played with in a while...and even bought a few new small things (for my 2 year old bought a bucket of toy frogs and lizards) so that when they got bored they had new toys to play with that they wouldnt get bored with as quick. since your kids are a little older...maybe even some crayons and coloring books...just make sure you have lots of things to keep them entertained!!!

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