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We are lucky christchurch residents who went through the 6.3 earthquake last week here in new zealand. Was wondering if any other mums have gone through something like this and how did you react. How many households around the world are really "ready" for a natural disaster? we were but we werent ,Thank goodness myself my wee Isabella and the rest of my family are safe and still here.


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I know what you mean about the finding work situation to. I am lucky that i work from home caring for a wee boy, but my partner has recently moved to australia to find "better money" he was in a great position repliling houses but of course the down side to it was the boss is my dad and we all know the "never work with family" saying

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Omg Emma that must have been terrifying! I was at home in cashmere and had no idea how bad it was until i finally got to my mums house and saw the news. My sister was working down cashel street and as you can imagine didnt sleep for weeks from what she saw, she couldnt even talk without shaking. We are very lucky. I was planning to be at the city library with two babies but decided to have a lazy day here at home, and thank goodness i did. what suburb are you in? How are you and your family now? I am unphased by the "small" ones but the bigger ones terrify me

Bernie - posted on 05/30/2011




I know what u mean Teresa, I was working in the Square when it happened and witnessed the carnage unfold. My Husband and Son were at my MIL house. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get to her house (what is normally a 10 min drive from work) then 3 hours to get home (normally 15 min drive from her house). We were without power and water in total for 2 weeks and had to move out, we have since moved back. I was made redundant and trying to find employment-which is impossible.

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Thank you everyone, Yes i agree with you all I suppose no matter how much you stockpile your never really ready. It definately has changed our beautiful city forever and the stories i am hearing make me very upset especially the little ones lost. Im keeping my "get away bags" along with nappies, formula etc in the car so if anything else happens they wont be in the house. I cant imagine a fire or flood it must be scary. My sister and her children got through cyclone yasi the other week so many things are happening around the world at the moment it really scares me.Ther was a 2 min silence yesterday for the people who were lost and it was very emotional. A friend of mine was in the ctv building just 30 mins before the earthquake hit, shes one very lucky woman! the emotionas are running very high around the city and its beginning to turn to anger as alot of the suburbs do not have porta loo facilities im lucky enough to have power but no water some people are homeless, my other sister has lost her home. I hope people just stop and think at least we are still here.

JuLeah - posted on 03/01/2011




I am gald you are safe. Yes, I have been in two earthquakes actually .... ready? well, you can't be ready for everything. I think you have to trust you will figure it out when the time comes. So gald you and yours are safe

Jodi - posted on 03/01/2011




I am glad to hear you are safe. But I imagine, with Christchurch being such a small city, the emotions there are running very high, and that there is a lot for everyone to overcome. My heart goes out to every resident of Christchurch, and particularly to those who have lost family and friends.

With regard to the readiness for natural disaster, having been through the firestorm in Canberra back in 2004, I guess in a lot of ways we are more prepared for the signs and what needs to be done. We did not need to be evacuated during that time, but we were watering our homes down (we were between houses at the time so we had 2 to deal with), and also trying to find all our children with a mobile phone network that was jammed was absolutely terrifying. I'd be ready if it ever happened again, but there are some things you simply can't prepare for (such as the phone network, and being able to get in touch with family).

But I guess, growing up in the country in Australia, we were always alert for bushfires, as we need to be, especially as my dad was the chief of the local volunteer fire brigade, so we were better prepared than most.

Rosie - posted on 03/01/2011




I can say lucky you are all safe. One of my very good friends family lost their home..but thankfully they are all safe. I have to say that I think you can be ready but is anybody really ready for any diaster that occurs. I am so happy that all your family is safe. I still watch the news daily and keep hearing the stories of more bodies being removed. It makes me so sad. I just think that for all of us luckly enough to get through these times and knowing that our family is safe that is all that matters. Bricks can be replaced, a house can be replaced but, a life can never be. Wish you all the happiness in this terrible time in Christchurch....xxxx

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I'm happy to hear that you and your family are safe! I live in the US, Indiana to be exact, and tornadoes are a common threat. We do a lot of camping in the summer and have our equipment close at hand. Plus I keep plenty of canned food ready. We have a hand-operated water pump (for backpacking in rough country) that can "clean" nasty water. All of this at least makes me feel prepared should something happen...

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After going through a 100-year flood event in 2007, yes, we do have an emergency box on top of the fridge - mostly candles, torches and batteries for the radio. Pantry is always stocked with canned food, bottled water and long life milk - I guess that would only help in an earthquake if the house was still standing and we could not leave for some reason ;o( No matter how prepared you are, you can always think of another scary scenario that you have nothing ready for!

I am so glad that you and your family are safe. You were very lucky :o)

Louise - posted on 03/01/2011




You are a very lucky lady to of escaped injury to any of your family. I have been watching the news every day from England all about Christchurch and I cannot believe what devastation you New Zealanders are facing.

I have only experienced one earthquake here in England but there was no structural damage just enough to shake the house so hard that it woke me up and the noise was deafening. Very frightening at the time so I can only imagine how your family reacted to this. Am I prepared for a disaster no we are not I don't think we even have a torch to hand. May be today is the day to sort that out and put a disaster box somewhere.

I wish you and your family well and hope that Christchurch finds more survivors. God Bless!

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