All you step-moms, Does anyone really know what you're going through

Lou - posted on 02/22/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Let me begin by saying I have step-mothered four children while raising two of my own from a previous marriage. I know for a fact that it is a real challenge. My husbands youngest was 3 and my youngest was ten when we met. Both of us had experienced bad marriages previously. After we were married for only a few months to one another we found out we'd be having a baby of our own. I had mixed feelings. He was unhappy, to put it mildly...
This was the beginning of a hard road we had ahead of us. We had both been single parents, him for three yrs, I for ten yrs. But, we didn't know what to expect of each other or what the other should expect of us... little lone what the children would expect. In fact, we told the children we wanted them to be happy, but that "we" had to make the decisions, not them.
Well, our marriage has endured the storms that many have not. We just celebrated our 22nd. anniversary this past December. Our son (the youngest of seven children in all) is now 21 and we are finally getting to really know one another.
And, I must say, I'm lovin' it!
Write back and tell me what you think of what we've been able to accomplish. Ask questions if you'd like... I may even have an answer or two.

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