Allergic to Dairy

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Hi Moms,

My son is now 14 months old. When he was about 4 months he started looking at food I had and trying to reach for foods and items near him. This is where it all started.
Over the next couple of months he had several awful allergic reactions, where he would break out in hives in areas such as around his mouth, sporadically up and down his legs and mainly worst of all around his ears and all over his head. Now as he was purely a breast fed baby, initially it did not occur to me it might be dairy, people were suggesting all kinds of things, plastics, cat hair, dog hair, mould. So I had him tested for all these things, which came back negative.
I had tried him on porridge once or twice but it was the porridge you mixed with water, so again I did not think dairy could cause such reactions.
Eventually I took him to my pead when he was around 8 months and we tested for the last 4 ingredients he had had, rice, milk, mango and soya.
Turns out he's highly allergic to dairy and soya. Subsequently I have also found out he is allergic to eggs.

While talking to other moms and dads out and about I've realised this is very common among young people today. Makes me wonder what happened back in the day?

My little boy is still on the breast to help build immunity and he loves it!
He is also on rice milk, or alternatively almond milk, which although it says not for infant feeding, he is thriving on it and of course gets all his vitamins, minerals and growth from his foods.

I have adapted my whole diet and style of cooking to make sure as my little boy grows up he learns the whole foods we eat are yummy, and if he's watching and copying mommy and his sister he's none the wiser about what he is missing out on. Of course when he gets to play group age, I will teach him more about foods he can not have and what foods are good for him.

Which brings me on to my most important question which I can not find a convincing answer to, will he grow out of these allergies?

Any ideas, help or similarities I'd love to know



Kristin - posted on 02/04/2016




Most children usually do grow out of allergies, I used to work in a allergy clinic and this was the case most often. When kiddos are young sometimes there body just doesn't adapt to all the new foods very well and the body rejects it. I hope this is the case for your little one it sounds like your doing a great job mom keep it up!

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