Allergic to my pregnancy... Any one else have this issue???

BRANDI JO - posted on 03/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Since I have gotten pregnant 26 weeks ago. I have been getting this rash or hive type thing on and off. it starts out as dime size and then over 3 days gets as large as small foot ball. it does not itch but burn and feel like when your foot falls asleep. it also burns.

the first time it happen was Nov 25, then again some time in Jan, and then again a week ago and now again today. at the end of the 3 days it turns into a bruise. I went to the hospital each time they had a different reason and no solution. they tell me to talk to my OB but they said its just my immune system being compromised and hormone change.

Its covering my ear and the right side of my face today. and i can't take it any more. i was wondering if any one else had this and what did they do to treat it or deal with it, also what is it going to do to my pregnancy???

*i never had it with my 3 other pregnancy all boys, now pregnant with a girl*


Rebekah - posted on 03/27/2013




Hi... I don't know exactly what you have, but I did have a horribly itchy rash at the very end of my pregnancy that hung on (and seemed worse) just after delivery. My OB said it was a PUPPS rash (Google it and find out all you want to know about that), which is kind of like an allergic reaction to pregnancy.

I just remember it itched so badly I could have ripped my skin off! I was in tears because my clothing aggravated it and it just wouldn't stop. It nearly made me crazy. After delivering, my dr. directed me to take an antihistamine, which I believe helped get it out of my system. My rash was only on my belly.

I don't recall having the bruising you are talking about, so I don't know if you are dealing with something else, but I'd ask--if they think its an allergic response--if its safe for you to take antihistamines to lessen the suffering. When you look online, there are also some home remedy suggestions--oatmeal baths, ice packs, etc.--however if it is an internal body chemistry problem happening, I don't think the external measures will do much to solve it, just momentarily ease discomfort.

Good luck, and congrats on your baby-on-the-way!

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