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What do you feed a kid (3 years old) that has multiple food allergies? He's back on formula (EO28 Splash), and eating some foods but is reacting to them. His new appointment is Tuesday and we're getting the intestional biopsy done to see if he's gluten intolerant, but it appears very much so.

His allergies - cows milk, goat's milk, soy, citrus, tomato, now it appears wheat and/or rice. There are no other "milks" he can have that we can get access to in any way. He has been on rice milk, but we JUST found out that it's too high in arsenic for him plus also contains barley enzymes, which he may be reacting to anyway (explains a lot). So with nothing he can use on cereal (even corn based, gluten free, rice free), do we go back on a child formula he can have (Neocate), mix a pitcher for each day and use that on cereal and to drink, and the EO28 as juice since he can't have that either? He already can't have most seasonings and processed foods, even foods we make we have to be very careful. No dips except mustard until now (have to look up if that has gluten now). How bad is this going to get? Is he going to be stuck with only formula for the rest of his life?


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I can't eat gluten. My doctors have all said the same thing. The tests are invasive and not conclusive.

Follow the diet, if it helps, then you have your answer. Does celiac run in your family? Are their women in your family with a humped back? Osteoporosis is a side effect of celiac

My doctors have also told me this: If God (nature) made it, you can eat it. If humans made it, don't.

So, Nature made chickens, yes, but not the growth hormones and antibiotics we often feed them and raise them with.

Nature made wheat, yes, but we have genetically modified the wheat we eat in this country. We have added chemicals and made it really not fit for human consumption.

Same with corn .... and really most veggies you find in places like Safeway and Albertsons ..... genetically altered, modified, color added .... when you really start looking into this stuff it will make you sick. We wonder why so many have cancer, and other illnesses????

Processed foods, food dyes, sugar, trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils) .... I can't eat any of it.

No one should, ever. We often give our kids edible foods like substances, but not often do we give them food.

Your son can eat natural foods, foods grown in your garden (no pesticides) He can eat quinoa, and organic beans (go all organic with everything you give him)

Shop at the Farmers Market and Trader Joe’s.

I have all the allergies your son has so I know it can be done. You just have to read labels with care and not feed him anything made by humans or genetically modified

One doctor told me that if you read a label and it has more then one ingredient, don't buy it.

So, nothing processed, all natural. Good Luck


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Today at his appointment his doctor decided he is certainly allergic to nearly everything. She took him off all foods and started him on an elemental diet - Neocate Jr with Probiotics, EO28 Splash, and Neocate Nutra. She also said since this is only the second time she's ever seen allergies this severe, she's referring him to GI in Minneapolis to do a workup and find out what else is wrong. She believes he has another disease that isn't diagnosed yet causing this.

So bad news. But it's getting taken care of. I'm crushed. I called to cancel/postpone (depends if he is ever able to have foods again) his feeding evaluation at the autism clinic this evening, since he's unable to eat.

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It's definitely possible, it's just gonna be a bit of an adjustment. You're going to have to figure out how many opf those are actually allergies and how many are allergies to the chemicals pumped into them. Then talk with a nutritionist and have them help you create a helathy diet for him, that way you won't feel so stressed and overwhelmed with trying to feed him. Good luck!

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Speak with a nutritionist and he/she will be able to help you create a healthy diet for your son.

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We already do nearly everything "natural". 2 of our kids can't eat much, one can't have protein, and Justin can't have anything else it seems. Our garden tomatoes, allergic. It's not the pesticides, it's his body. He has no IgA immunity and it's causing so many problems, most specifically severe food allergies.

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