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My son is now 5months 2 weeks old. in the last 10 days he has developed a rash all over his body; tiny whitish-pink raised spots. My first thought was that it was an allergy outbreak, but then someone told me it looked like German Mealses, rash being behind his ears also slightly red.

But I looked up symptoms of German Measles, which include cold-like symptoms and chest infection,cramps in tummy, red eyes as well as spots only lasting for three days. He has no other symptoms, no fever.I have been giving him rice cereal mixed with Breast milk (I breastfeed) which i stopped yesterday. My husband & I both suffer from dustmite allergy and pollen allergy, so I am aware that the chances are great that my son may have allergies. We also live in a dry region- lots of dust- and in the bush where there are lots of funny goggas (insects).

I am at a loss as to what it could be. I am rather concerned as it is not getting better. Though he has had no cold or fever he has been crabby the last few days, which I believe could be from him teething.

I would appreciate any advice on what it could be and how to deal with it.



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It could be anything from a teething rash, to a virus, to an allergic reaction. Generally, if a rash is serious it will not blanch and will be accompanied by a fever. Blanching means when you press on it, it disappears for a second. If it does not blanch it can be an indication of something more serious, but not always. I think you need an opinion from a doctor. My son gets a rash that has been diagnosed as different types of viruses and allergies and it is actually from teething. It only occurs for about 5 days prior to back molars coming in. When it first happened I took him to a doctors surgery I dont normally go to and 4 different doctors looked at him and couldn't diagnose it. And for the record, his rash did not blanch, but yet was not serious. If you know a nurse who works with children, ask them to look at it, the problem with local doctors is most of them have rarely actually seen many rashes with their own eyes so have difficulty diagnosing them.

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Take him to a doctor. Sure it is probably nothing serious - but what if it is?

Also the risk of diagnosing things from the internet is that many diseases actually have radically different symptoms in infants (which your son still is) - they 'present' differently. Good luck.

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