Allowing children under 16 to wear bikinis. Thoughts?

Lana - posted on 08/22/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I don't understand why any parent would allow their child to look like a full grown woman. I want to hear you alls thought on children under 16 in bikini style swim suites.

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Jodi - posted on 08/22/2013




For me, no, I wouldn't allow it. I quite like the tankinis, my daughter wears those, but that's the extent of it.

The thing is about this one is that often, once a child is a certain age, they are often purchasing their own clothes. It is a common culture here for children to get a part time job once they are 15. Once they have their own money and buy their own clothes, you don't get to have a lot of say in what they purchase. Sure, you can discourage it, and discuss it, but at the same time, in the process of encouraging your children to become independent (i.e. allowing them the freedom to choose and spend their own money, learning to budget, etc), you can't also be monitoring their exact spending habits to the dollar if it is their money. In fact, in this country, once they turn 16, you don't even have any right to check their bank accounts as a parent, so the 18 years is totally unrealistic.

So I absolutely agree with you, theoretically, at a practical level, I can see why it doesn't work that way sometimes.

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