Almost 2.5 years and still not talking

Jessica - posted on 03/18/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter and I used to live at an apartment with hardwood floors. While we lived there she slipped and fell a lot. I would notify her dr every time it happened, and was told to give her Tylenol and to take her to the er if she fell asleep and wouldn't wake up. After a while i realized that my daughter (who before this apartment would say "What is that?") had stopped talking altogether. We have since then moved and her words are coming back, but now the dr is concerned. the dr told me that if she's no saying 30-40 words and making short sentences by the time shes 3, they would like her to see a speech therapist. My husband on the other hand says not to worry, he and his siblings "were slow learners" (his words.) What can I do to stimulate my daughter to talk? Or should I just relax and let her talk on her own?


Lauren - posted on 03/18/2015




Hi Jessica,

I work in a Children's Centre and I see a lot of children at various stages and ages and one thing we always tell Mum's is don't compare you're child to what they 'should be doing'. Yes, she should be speaking some words by now, but I wouldn't worry too much.

I'm not sure where you're from, but If you're still worried and she's still not putting 2-3 words together by the time she is three, Here in the U.K we would refer the parents to a Speech and Language Therapist. Is it an option to go privately to do this or can you self refer in your area?

30-40 words is a big ask, I'm not sure my son said that many words at 2 maybe into his third year but every child is different.

If you can understand her and her needs and she understand you, I think that's great.

Couple of things I would suggest, (which I'm sure you're already doing but you haven't said) if she picks something up, say the name of it, if she points to something, tell her what it is, describe things and talk to her even if she won't reply. Try flashcards, hold them up and say the words, describe the pictures etc.

I wouldn't pressure her or try to make her speak, I know it is hard but try not to let any anxiety show.

I have never used Tylenol, however if you think it may be a cause I would look into that also.

Could it be that she's disrupted by the move from the apartment? maybe she just needs time to settle in?

I hope this helps.

Lozzie xx


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Jessica - posted on 03/18/2015




Thank you so much. Her dr and I are both concerned that the falls she suffered in the old apartment are the cause. The dr is worried there might be brain damage from the falls. She does understand me when I talk to her and she recognizes animals and their sounds as well as numbers and shapes. She babbles a lot. My husband says she's fine since she babbles and tries to sing along with her music. He says we should just let her be. But since I take her to her appointments, I feel like there might be a reason for concern. Am I wrong to want to do everything I can to help her?

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