Almost 3 months old, and still sleeping in the swing/bouncer?

Brianna - posted on 11/01/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My little daughter HATES her crib. Absolutely hates it. The minute I put her down in it, her eyes pop open, and the cries begin. She only sleeps in her swing/bouncer seat. Do babies outgrow this? Is this bad for them in any way? What steps should I take to get her to sleep in her crib? Please & thank you.


Holly - posted on 11/01/2012




how long do you let her cry for when you put her in the crib? is it possible that she could cry a little and then fall back asleep with in a few minutes? sometimes they just BARELY wake up and cry a little, but then fall back asleep.... do you have a mobile attached to the crib? if not, buy one, do you have those cute toys that attach to the sides of the crib? if not buy those... make the crib a happy place to be, that she can sit in and play even if it is not bed time... cribs don't have to be exclusively for bed time... but if the baby sees it as a place she goes and has to stay by herself while mommy & daddy leave them their in the dark all alone... it can get pretty scary.... but if she gets to play there too, and mommy puts me in there while she sits in here and talks to daddy, or plays with me... then it's not such a scary place.

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