Almost 5 year old boy with ADHD

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Hi, I have an almost 5 year old boy. We have been having a lot of behavioral issues from either small outbursts of anger, to ramming toys into the walls and furniture. He is always on the go and I try very hard to have him busy w things around the house. He is very argumentative, and has resorted to not listening even for the smallest instruction like picking up his toys. He won't stay out of things that are not okay for him to get into like the garage where the lawn mower is out the back door or gets up in Am way early and gets into freezer or fridge. Sometimes I can start right at him and tell him to do something and he just goes about what he wants. I am always around, and I know I am a good mom, but I feel like I am failing somewhere? Any suggestions to help? Also, I am having issues w getting him to go to sleep by himself?


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Hi Danielle,
I have a son that is 9 (almost 10) with ADHD. I had a really good Dr. diagnose him. He gave me ideas how to get him to stay on track and try and make life easier for us all.

Couple things I remember well are:
When telling him to clean his room it is a HUGE room, there is A LOT of things in there, and I will never get this done are all things that go through their heads. They need a one at a time instruction. Go pick up all the dirty clothes, you may have to remind him what he is supposed to be doing 20 times! But the laundry will get picked up. Then all the legos and so on and so forth.

When school starts, have him work 15 minutes on 5 off on homework. Get a timer! Talk to the teachers and see if one one sheet of homework a night could work. When they have 2-3 sheets 2-3 night a week it will be hard and WAY TO MUCH to get done (in their head). This one I am a pro at! Oh and check the backpack EVERY NIGHT. My son would say he had no homework and we would find it the next morning.

The GARAGE!!! A ADHD boys paradise! my son has a rule that he can use our (rider) lawnmower only when Dad is with him, to stay out of Dad's tools and quit taking things apart. These are the rules and still have not been followed. BUT things to help. The Dr. suggested we go to a garage sale and let him pick out a "what ever" and it is his to take apart! They want to know how it works and see if they can put it back together. I have TONS of bike parts laying around the property! Flash lights are a good one too. Plus cheep and easy to toss when "done for" When Ben was 6 is when we got the Diagnose that he did have ADHD. so we started getting him tools, making him buy his own tools and box to keep them in. We STILL have to remind him to put them away but they are his too loose and replace when they go "missing"

I think giving Ben "the time" to do what he wants with me is one of the biggest things. He wants to garden but usually only lasts 10-15 minutes and I have to remind him we have a project to do. We take a lot of water brakes when Ben helps. lol

It is really hard to keep cool when you ask him 100 times to get it done. My son has dragged out the room cleaning for 6-7 hours before but you just have to be firm and stick to it. My son is a working process. When we started with his diagnose it was hard. Retraining my brain and having to slow down and making sure he got what he needed how he needed it.

Sorry I maybe rambling. If there are other situations... Ask I may have an option to try. Hope it helps

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