almost three yrs old and still in diapers

Kimberly - posted on 04/06/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




my three yr old daughter is potty trained during the day but at night she still wears diapers cause she pees the bed any advice


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Just wait. It's not uncommon at all at that age to not be night trained. When my son was 4 and not night trained I asked his doc about it. He told me they don't worry about it until after age 6, then they'll look into meds or alarms to help. Patience. It'll happen eventually.

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Not uncommon ... some kids take a long time to train at night. I'd not worry for another couple of years actually .... make sure she pees before bed, and maybe get her up to go before you go to bed. Some kids are very deep sleepers and it can take a long time for their minds/bodies to work together in this while sleeping.

Lisa - posted on 04/06/2011




I got lucky, while it took a little longer for my son to get potty trained (he was 3 and 3 mo) my daughter decided a day before 3rd birthday to potty train herself and had 1 accident that day at walmart (lol) that was the last one ever. Neither of my kis had bedwetting or any of that. I think it was because I waited for them to be ready instead of listening to friends and family that my kids would be in diapers until high school.


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Nothing to stress about. All u can do is cut the fluid down a bit of a night, make sure she goes to the toilet before bed and maybe get her up before u go to sleep...kind of like sleep walking to the Other than that just wait it out, she'll get there.

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I had my son fully potty trained at 4yrs old... he even got up in the middle of the night by himself to go pee. then something happened and he started having accidents at night.. i couldnt understand why he wasnt progressing so I took him to a Dr. who recommended a specialist. It turns out that He had a build up in his bowl (#2) that would block up so he always felt like he had to go... which made him think he never had to go. (basically a sensory problem) that mixed with his bathroom troubles (which is where he cant digest fats and sugars as well as the next person. So now he is 7 years old and he still wets the bed 3 out 4 nights a week. What Theresa Jaeger said is right tho. if there is a problem they probably won't be diagnosed with it until their around 6yrs old. most children don't even know how to control their bladder until they are 3yrs old. You'll just have to wait it out. best of luck...

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My daughter was the same, if she needed her sippy to fall asleep.I would make sure i put her on the toilet a few times during the night.As i said she would be half a sleep most of the time.I then began to understand.She would make sounds in her sleep ,like a moaning.It was due to needing to go to the toilet.She knew herself after a few days.Made it easier for me, to know when she wanted to go to the toilet.Before that it took a lot of effort on my part to get her out of the nappies at night.The learn fast.

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yeah she is still on the sippy cup i need to get her off it but she cries for it if i dont give it to her

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Mine has not shown any interest to potty train .He will tell me sometimes when he has peed and if he poos he will let me know by saying it burns but if I ask him it is a straight out NO momma!Don't worry they are all different and she will get it in time.

Kimberly - posted on 04/06/2011




yeah my son was potty trianed all the way at the age of 2 so thats why i was kindof concered

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She's normal. Every kid is different. Some are dry through the night by or before 2 years and some aren't dry through the night til after 8.... Some doctors (like mine) don't worry til the kid is 8 and still wet during the night. Others take a more proactive approach around 5. I don't know any that would worry at 3-4 though.

My girls didn't start being dry through the night w/ any consistency til they were 4.5... and still had a wet bed on occasion (but rarer as time went by) up until 8. Their just turned 3 year old brother has been dry through the night for the past 4 months. So, like I said.... every kid is different. :)

She WILL get there.

Jennifer - posted on 04/06/2011




Eventually she'll outgrow it. It's not unusual for kids to wet the bed at 7 or 8. There's really nothing to do. You can try cutting back on the liquids at night, but until her brain realizes when she's asleep that her bladder is full, it's just going to keep happening.

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