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Veronica - posted on 03/20/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My youngest is really struggling to memorise the alphabet. Any suggestions for games or activities to make it fun for him to learn. Thanks V.


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Susan - posted on 04/03/2013




I had the same problem so I got really creative and created Alpha Cards: ABC flashcards especially for boys (girls like them too). They have just the right amount of gross mixed with a ton of funny. They made all the difference in helping my son in learning, recognizing and remembering his ABC's. You can check them out at

Helen - posted on 03/20/2009




As a primary school teacher i would say that being able to recite the alphabet may seem cute but helping them to learn the sounds that the letters make is much more helpful when it comes to learning to read. In the UK we don't focus on letter names until the very end of their first year at school - we focus on the sounds first.

Stephanie - posted on 03/20/2009




We have the little leap frog fridge phonics that we gave to our son. Since it'll sing the alphabet over and over he is catching on pretty quickly.

Dawn - posted on 03/20/2009




when my daughter was learning i got those alphabet magnets for the fridge. i put them in a ziplock baggy and then had her pull out one at a time and would ask her what letter it was. if she didn't know i would tell her and then put that one back and then when she pulled it out again she would know it. also singing the alphabet song over and over helps them learn the order of the alphabet. i also got some flashcards too to teach her how to associate the letters with words that start with that letter. she will be 4 next month and is already writing her letters and can sound out words now. we practice everyday with just everyday things. making learning fun is the key...if they think they are doing "work" it can make it hard to keep them interested. hope this helps:)

Monica - posted on 03/20/2009




My 2 year old daughter, learned her ABC's by singing them when she was 1. I also used flashcards and alphabet puzzle. Now she is learning to spell her name.

Jan - posted on 03/20/2009




If your son likes books, try Dr. Suess' ABC. My son would have me read it over and over. He also has a puzzle with all of the letters. I just surrounded him with ABC stuff.

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