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Charlize - posted on 09/18/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




i need help please. im 19 years old, it may seem young but im very self sufficient. im engaged to my fiance of a year. we've known each other for longer of course :) . and im in the process of moving us to a new home. he's a military man and has to leave next month and wont be back for 5 months. im ok with it, im just a little scared because im not sure if im pregnant. this cite is about mothers so im hoping ill get some help or advice. lets start from the beginning. ive had irregular periods since i was about 14. i was on medication for folicular ovarian cysts. i also have a retroflexed uterus. so i always thought my chances of getting preggers was low. however we wanted to stay sure and use protection always. as of about 7 months ago we decided we were ready to try for a baby (i have a medical condition that could cause earlier alzhiemers, hence the reason for such early trying.) i had a miscarriage 4 months ago. this was going to be our last try for now. ive had regular periods for the past 3 months (which is not normal for me) and nausea but no vomiting. when i lay on my stomach i feel a sort of.. pressure..? not sure how to explain that really good. sorry :') . also ive had slight weight gain and headaches. a heavy amount of vaginal secretion, and sore breast. sore to the point where a tight hug from my fiance hurt me :/ .. oh and blueish veins starting to appear on my chest and breasts. not many trips to the bathroom, but more urine than usual does come out when i go. before my miscarriage i had taken 5 prego tests and they all came out negative including the ob's. so i hadn't changed my exercise routine or my lifestyle. until one day i had extreme pain and was rushed to the hospital and they confirmed the loss of our baby. im afraid of taking another test and it coming out negative, of my husband leaving and not knowing, and of possibly loosing another child. please help. any advice or anything would be helpful. and sorry for making this so long, i just wanted to be thorough :'D thank you all soo much in advance.


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There could be a chance of pregnancy but the best thing would be getting a check up to be sure. It can take some time and failed attempts sometimes before you have a successful pregnancy

. If you've been using birth control in the past it may take time for your body to adjust and for everything to settle and become normal. This could be the reasoning for all the headaches and so fourth as well.

If you haven't had regular periods in the past and now you are this could be the cause of all the headaches and so fourth but there no way to know for sure without a check up.

It might be wise to take supplements including folic acid. Iron might also be beneficial for as well.

I'm sure it'll happen when you least expect it. It did for me. I'd pretty much given up on the thought of me ever having children after years of trying and no success. Then I had 2 in less then a year. I wasn't expecting it. Was a nice surprise though. For now just enjoy what time you have with your fiance before he gets deployed ok :)

Good luck :)


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Jenna - posted on 09/20/2012




Whether your unsure or not, just take a pregnancy test. Most of your symptoms are those of a pregnancy, but you never know. When you went to the dr last time, did they do a urine or blood test? I would request a blood test as those can be more accurate. I would also discuss these changes with your dr and he/she would most likely run other tests as well such as an ultrasound. As far as your fiance leaving - it will be over before you know it. I've been through it and it does get a little easier once you figure out your own routine. Good luck Charlize :)

Keri - posted on 09/20/2012




I would go ahead and start taking a prenatal vitamin if you aren't already. Go to the doctor and tell them you want a quantitative blood test. That will not only check for hcg, but will tell exactly how much is there and give the doctor and idea of how far along you are. It isn't exactly but they know the numbers should be at a certain level by 6 weeks.

Charlize - posted on 09/18/2012




thank you soo much for writing Tina. and your right. i have to put fears aside and go get checked. it'll happen if its Gods will. thank you soo much again. and im soo happy for you and your children :) ♥

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