Always irritated or ANGRY! I don't know how to control it!!

Sharmaine - posted on 12/28/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey there! I need some advice! I am a young soon to be mom and only about 15-16 weeks in.. But I have never been this bad! I know that I have a bad temper, but ever since maybe my 5th week I have been so hormonal, major mood swings and my fiancé and I fight like you wouldn't believe…. I am more stressed that i used to be. Going through college and being pregnant is definitely no fun. But I need help on how I can prevent my self from snapping at my fiancé all the time… and also to calm my self down… It honestly doesn't work out when both of us have bad tempers… and I feel bad for the baby…. to be around stress all the time. HELP?!!?


Michelle - posted on 12/28/2013




Go and get professional help. We can't help you over the internet.


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Jodi - posted on 12/28/2013




Therapy can help with techniques to calm yourself down. It sounds like you need some ways to cope with your stress. While hormones are probably a contributor, you need to find more constructive ways to manage your temper. Also, sit down and reflect on what it is that triggers these fights. Once you understand what is triggering your reactions, you can sometimes find a better way to deal with it, or a different way of looking at the issue.

Edited to Add: If you think being pregnant and going through college is no fun, wait until you are going through college and have a baby. That's even more of a juggle. If you are not coping with that now, then you need to really rethink how life is going to be AFTER the baby gets here.

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