Always sad about doing this on my own, any advice?

Charlie - posted on 04/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was with an abusive partner for 3 years and left him in Jan. I am pregnant with his child. he knows it, his family knows it but they dont seem to care, they already have two kids from another woman and they dont want to accept mine. Hurts.

He recently replaced me with a woman I found out he was seeing while we were still together. So I am feeling that burn on top of having to rebuild, restart and move on with my life. I have been put on bed rest because of all the stress and stuck laying here till july with nothing to do but think and think and think. Ive tried reading, and it doesnt help, Ive tried sewing, knitting, anything with no luck. I just think about how I could have fixed things, why wasnt i enough, what if I never left, what if i tried harder, and why why why.

I know the answer to all of these are useless and not getting me anywhere its the fact there is nothing to keep me so busy I dont think.

Now I am noticing all my friends are posting pictures of their husbands and new babys, or I see mommys and daddys pushing strollers togeher outside.

I am having a hard time enough trying to start over, now I cant deal with this. What can I do.


Louise - posted on 04/26/2012




I think you have to think yourself lucky! This man was abusive to you and now to probably another woman. You have come out of this with a baby that will be loved by you no matter what. That baby will be brought up in a loving home not a home that he//she is scared to move in for fear of a back hander or being shouted at. You dumping this guy is the best gift you could give to your baby.

Never think you are alone because you are not. There are hundreds of mums out there in the same position as you. My advice is when the baby has had their jabs then go to a mums and tots group in the area. At first you will feel out of place but keep going and somebody will open up to you and a friendship will begin. You dont need this poor excuse for a man in your or your babies life. I promise you the right man for you is out there and will find his way into your life eventually.

Motherhood is hard whether your in a relationship or not. You will adapt to what needs to be done. Now stop thinking of the what ifs and start thinking I am going to do! This baby and I are going to be fine on our own!

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