Am 35weeks pergo,it's my 1st bby.i just wanted 2 know when is time 4 me 2 give birth do the doctor have 2 cut me open to take out the baby or no?


Denikka - posted on 11/27/2012




Are you talking about a c-section or an episiotomy??

Either one would depend on the circumstances. If the baby is having difficulties, or for other reasons, you may need to have a c-section.

If you are giving birth vaginally, you may tear naturally or the doctor may ask if you want to have an episiotomy. It's basically a small cut in the skin to widen the opening for the baby. Some women say that they would much rather tear naturally because it hurts less. A lot depends on the degree of the tear/cut. If it's bad, you may need stitches afterwards. Many women have only a minor tear and don't need stitches or any real medical attention for it.

You should really talk to your doctor about the likelihood of either of these procedures. They'll be able to walk you through everything that you need to know. Do some research and ask questions :)

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