Am having twin girls and so worried that we dont everthing we need


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Zoila - posted on 03/28/2011




Depends on where you live but really forget about expending hundreds in clothes and baby items... begin to shop in goodwill, savers, and other thrift stores... there you will find clothes for one dollar for the first 5 years and stroller for 10 to 20 dollars... toys that can be washed... and a lot of stuff that will let you save for what is expensive... diapers!!! and BE SURE to drink a lot of liquids so you can breast feed exclusively and you will save hundredssssss... dont worry in my country they say each baby comes with a bread under the arm... well you will have double luck... just dont be ashamed to use second hand stuff... they grow so quickly that always look like new!!!

Iridescent - posted on 03/28/2011




2 car seats is about the only thing you really need 2 of. Cloth diapers also save a ton of money in the long run.

Tara - posted on 03/28/2011




Best thing for you to do is talk to your local church groups and thrift/secondhand stores. Your kids aren't going to care if everything isn't brand new and you can save a huge amount of money by getting stuff at secondhand, consignment or thrift shops. Also, if you are hurting financially, many of your local churches or aid groups will often donate some items, especially with a multiple birth.

The only thing I would not go secondhand with is carseats and strollers as they are highly regulated and you have to have seats/strollers that meet the current safety standards - that said, you can get things like that for really good deals if you look for the sales and aren't picky about color/style - I got our original carseat/stroller combo when my daughter was born for just over $100 and it can sometimes cost upwards of $300 for both carseat and stroller if you don't look for the sales. If you check out your churches/salvation army, etc, you may also be able to get secondhand seats/strollers/cribs, etc that are pretty new and still meet the safety standards so you could save some money that way.
If you are lucky and able to breastfeed you'll save a load of money there, but if you do have to go with formula feeding, check into your local family health unit or food bank etc as they will often help out with things like formula and diapers for people who are hurting for money.
I can also not stress enough the benefit of moms who have older kids who are willing to donate their kids clothes that they have outgrown - both my girls were outfitted for most of their first year at least because people we knew who had older kids gave us their old clothes :)

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