am i a bad mom?

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hi all my son will be 3 in may and he is still in nappys i have tried to potty train him so many times but he refuses to use the potty just pees all over the floor. i do want him to be out of nappys but i am not gonna pressure him to do something he does not want to do. everytime i see someone i know and if they ask is he out of nappys and all i say no and there like WHAT REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! like i am a bad mother or something should i already have him out of nappys or are all kids different. any advice on potty training is muchly appericated. thanx

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You are definitely NOT a bad mom. My son was not potty trained until after his third birthday, and some kids dont potty train until after three and that is perfectly normal and fine! My suggestion to you is leave his little potty (or potty seat, whichever youre using) in your bathroom so he can get used to the potty, but do not force him to go! He will want to try it with time. I also suggest IGNORING anyone you feel is judging you! Take care. = )

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Absolutely not!! He's not even 3 yet, my son is 2 1/2 and not really interested in the potty yet. I know it takes longer for boys anyway, don't listen to those people. He will potty train when he is ready, don't force it!! Good luck!

Elizabeth - posted on 01/01/2010




I wouldn't say that your a bad mother.. I dont think there is really such a thing.. Raising children comes with alot of trial and error, if one thing dont work try another.. I dont have any boys, but i have been around to help with all of my 6 nephews...Try making potty training into a game, like sink the cheerios..that way your child is not feeling pressured... it has worked for all of my nephews and i hope it helps for you. :)

Laura - posted on 01/01/2010




I always heard that boys take a little longer to potty train. And he's 3 - my son wasn't fully potty trained through the night until 3 1/2. We did stuff like putting cheerios in the toilet to let him "aim" and everytime he did good he got 1 m&m for going #1 & 2 m&m's for going #2 - he'll let so know when he's ready good luck

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