am I being selfish by wanting my daughter to stay living with her dad so that I can begin my new life with possibly a happy future with my boyfriend?

Lindsey - posted on 07/13/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )





For the past 3 years I have been raising my teenage daughters now aged 20 and 17 on my own since leaving their father.

I have had to struggle financially in order to put a roof over our heads and food in our stomach.

My daughters had nothing to do with their father for the first two Years after I left him due to his alcoholism and behaviour.

I have always tried my best for my kids, I've not been perfect and have had a couple of disastrous relationships where my daughter's have seen me upset and heartbroken.

I have always supported my girls, praised and encouraged them in all they do. I've been their taxi driver and always put them first.

My youngest daughter has picked up a relationship with her father over the past year or so which I'm more than happy for her and supportive. However when she returns home from spending time with him she's a different girl. Moody, distant,feisty and omg attitude is unbelievable. She speaks and behaves like her dad.

I have finally met a decent man who in the short time we have been together has been the most supportive,caring,considerate man who makes me happy and secure.

At the start of our relationship my youngest daughter got on with him like a house on fire. He would even invite her along with us on our dates if she was going to be home alone. He made her laugh, comforted her when she was upset and gave her advice when she asked for it.

However, after spending some time with her dad and returning home she all of a sudden distanced herself, becoming quiet rude to my bf, giving me even more attitude and just generally causing an atmosphere when my bf is around.

They had a big argument at the weekend when my bf stepped in when my daughter was giving me attitude. Anyway she says she doesn't want to be around him anymore and my bf doesn't want her coming out with us anymore unless she sorts her attitude out.

My friends and family have noticed the difference in her and say they have seen how rude and feisty she has become. They have said that my daughter will never be happy with any man I choose to be I. A relationship with because he's a threat to her.

I am going to be between homes for two weeks, my eldest daughter will be moving into her own home and my youngest is going to stay with her dad. My daughter had told me that if my bf ever moves in she I won't see much of her.

It breaks my heart but I don't want her to come back to live with me, not just because of my bf but because I have just had enough of her attitude, she makes me unhappy with the way that she is.

I guess my question is am I being selfish by wanting my daughter to stay living with her dad so that I can begin my new life with possibly a happy future with my boyfriend?

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