Am I doing something wrong this time or am I just paranoid?

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It's probably just paranoia, but hey.. Mom's are pretty good at that. My daughter(Who is now 6) Was saying all sorts of things by 9 and 10 months. She said ice cream, and multiple people's names, and certain favorite objects. And she was only ever really around me (so of course I felt like I must be doing something right) But now my 9 month old son, who is constantly around his sister, his dad, his aunt and uncle, grandparents and myself, as well as my daughters best friend, can only really say DaDa. Everything is dada. He definitely associates it with his dad, but then uses it for everything else too. He has only said mama a handful of times while reaching for me, and it usually comes out as nana. I'm trying really hard to expose him to the attention on words that I gave to my daughter, but am I doing something wrong? Or is he maybe just too distracted by everyone else talking that he just hasn't tried it himself?


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He is only nine Months? Give him some time. Just talk talk talk, he will understand far more than he can speak. Every kid develops at different rates, try not to compare them and just enjoy them for the wonderful individuals they are. He sound right on target to me. Really by a year, the average child should only have about 4-5 words.


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Yeah, it's hard not to unintentionally compare sometimes, but he has pictures of farm animals on his window and when I ask him to show me certain ones, he points them out, and he does a lot of things physically, I'm assuming that it also may not totally help that even though a lot of people talk to him.. no one ever really stops lol. he has no time to say anything anyway! haha. Thanks though, I was pretty sure he was on track, sometimes it just helps to hear a bunch of other moms tell me the same thing.

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9 months is early to worry. My first son was talking a lot more before a year and my second son barely did anything other than babble until he was near two and then it all came together. It depends on the child. You also have to figure, he has so many people around him, mainly an older sibling, who may know what he wants before he needs to try to ask for it.

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I think you had a crazy early bloomer the first time around, and your son is developing more along the normal timeline.

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at nine months, my daughter mostly babbled, but she tried talking in whole sentences, rather than saying singular words. she had said "cottage cheese" clear as day before she was one, but then didnt say it again for a long time. my daughter had enough words that i knew she was fine, and right around her second birthday, her vocabulary just EXPLODED. she's know 2.5 and speaks very well for her age and has quite a few 'large' words like "diagnosis". every child is different and im sure your son will come around. my hubby hardly spoke a word until he was 4...and then he just started speaking like a 4 yr old.

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My oldest son was the same way. He was speaking sentences before the age of two, his sister who turned two is just beginning to talk. We've had an assessment done on her at 17 months but they said there was nothing wrong. Each day she says two or three new words. I wouldn't be concerned at 9 months but as he gets older you may have to make sure that your daughter isn't talking for him.

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Girls tend to advance faster than boys....just reality. Nope, you did nothing wrong with your son, and chances are your daughter was just ready to talk. usually talking starts booming after they are 2.

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My younger is 18 months and says only a handful of words but if I compared her vocabulary to her older sisters when they were her age it's a lot lower in fact by 20 months old my oldest daughter was singing her A.B.C's. believe me I have tried to help kadie's speech along and we do get the odd new word now, this weeks word was "catch" I do not stop talking to her and although her speech is limited her level of understanding is very high.
9 months is still very young, he will get there in his own time.

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Boys also tend to develop vocabulary a little later than girls (but motor skills tend to happen faster). Your daughter was EXTREMELY ahead of things, but that doesn't mean your son will be any less intelligent or capable, simply that he's working on developing other skills first. :D

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