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My 11yr has a cell phone and I have given her permission to talk to boys on the phone but only because she has started middle school and that was the grade I was in when I was able to talk to boys on the phone......I also told her that I or her dad are the only ppl to delete anything in her she wanted to upgrade with talking to a boy at the age of 16 and THEN she tells the boy she is 13, her dad saw a text in her phone and then called me and told me about the conversation. It was nothing provocative at a sense....but this lil boy told my daughter that when he goes to sleep he will be dreaming about her (she didnt respond to that) but she did tell him she was coming home this wknd and he didn't want her to, so she says, "what should be the reason for me to stay, DADDY?" she claims she was saying it in a sacastic way......but at 16 I know there is only one thing on his mind and my child is well proportioned for her age. I have told her dad to take her phone and she can no longer talk to boys on the phone and DO NOT ask about the phone, I will give it to you when Im ready......Her dad allows her to talk to her cousins but I dont agree with that either. I feel like if her phone was taken away then she talks to no one unless she sees her cousins.....I don't want to be too strict but kids nowadays are not kids from when I was growing up.......AM I putting too much into this?


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Force her to use a land line, if you have one. If not, take away the cell phone PERIOD. I wasn't allowed to talk to any boys until I was 13, and my parent required they meet them in person, even if it was at the mall so when the boy called they knew who it was (they would ask who it was when he called). Of course this was waaaaay before cell phones so again it was me talking with my parents in the room on the land line.

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