Am I expected to buy all clothes and shoes for our 3 children even though I have a shared care arrangement with my ex?

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My ex-husband and I recently divorced....we have a shared care arrangement for our 3 children sharing them 4 days on/4 days off.

The CSA take £50 per week off him and transfer it to me and as I am still deemed the main carer I receive child benefit of £188 per month.

Whilst my ex has a good job earning £40k plus per annum together with a company car and all the trimmings I am a part-time self employed cleaner earning around £9500. I also receive tax credits.

After our divorce my ex stayed in the family home, buying me out.

The problem I am faced with is that he now refuses to buy or contribute to any childrens clothes, shoes and trainers (including school uniforms) and expects me to supply EVERYTHING.

As the children are with him half the time and the fact he earns 3 times more than myself surely this can't be fair.

Any advice would be great...thanks : )


Ev - posted on 03/30/2014




Well, see that is the problem. You guys did not set out to add things like him helping pay for their uniforms and other things of such need in the agreement. If you had done so he would be paying it. As it is the order stands he gives you that 188 pounds a month and that is to go to the uniforms, food, clothing other than school, shoes, doctor visits and etc. You did not ask for him to help with anything else. You need to go get it looked at again and have it altered.

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