Am i offending or ill treating my daughter ????

VICTORIA - posted on 01/09/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




thanks for your help guys
but i have another question to ask it's about my daughter.
i have two kids a boy 5 and a girl 8 anyways sometimes i wonder if i push her too hard to help me out around the house and with her brother you see i am also a single mom and i work at a casino at night and often when i get home i am so tired any way i do all that i am to to for them and i only ask that she help pick up their toys and feed themselves the food which i put out for them. i want her to have a normal life and enjoy her child-hood.also i try to show her love in a way that is not too much of a cuddling spoiling way but as one of responsibility and care and respecting her as getting older but she looks on at the way i kiss and pet her brother more often than her and she thinks that i love him more but God knows that is not true i try to explain to her that he is smaller than her and as he gets older he would be treated the same way she is. oh gosh please help me i don't wanna mistreat or offend my children in any way other than God they are all that i have. And i love them so much.


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Michelle - posted on 01/10/2013




Children need cuddles and reassurance, not responsibility. If she sees you giving her brother affection and not her then yes she will get resentful. You need to show both of them the same affection. My 11yo gets just as many cuddles as my 3yo. Just because he is older doesn't mean that he doesn't need the closeness and reassurance that cuddle gives.

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