Am I or what? need your help; am confused!

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Hello MOMS!

I am a mother of a 6.5yr son and I have been trying for #2 for almost 7yrs! I got both thyroids removed few yrs ago ( cancer-free) and been taking synthroid pills since then. I also have been taking prenatal, vititam C and Mult-Vitiam for a year now... Well, I just had my period on May 16-20th (had sex twice during the period wk) then was suppose to ovulate 2wk later, well been making love since then, but on my last day of the ovulation... I went bathroom, wiped and saw very light pinkish blood and still went on for the next few days. 2nd day of the blood, I wasnt feeling well during all day then got headache that night, the next morning I had HUGE headache and still have blood, but little darker. I was cramping and backache all those days too. headache went away on that afternoon. I continue to have more love anyways. Yesterday woke up that morning at 3am and had hard time to go sleep until I did at 6am then finally woke up again at 10am, ofc backache and mild cramp and little blood. Today... I got headache, cramping and darker blood, small amount (dime size amount). What is wrong with me? I am afraid to waste my time to take the test now. I dont get my period until next wk. I need all the answer from you all moms... help me, please! Thanks!


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Just take the test and make yourself feel better knowing. FYI I got 100 pregnancy tests off of amazon a month or so ago for $13, so I could pee to my till the cows came home & not have to worry about the money. I am so sorry that you are having troble TTC, I have a friend who has a thyroid problem & she says her dr told her it can be difficult because of it.

Periods come early & they can come late, it just happens. You could just be having a funky period or if your having a lot of back pain maybe you might want to get tested for a UTI?

Good luck with the baby making. I used ovulation test strips that I got for a steal off amazon too that greatly helped me in the whole baby making biz.

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