Am I over reacting?

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My 3 y.o. son has autism and goes to a special preschool for it. He rides the bus and this has not been an issue for us. However, I was told by the bus driver that Markie had a tantrum getting off the bus and she saw the tantrum continue as he threw himself to the ground. She also told me that the tantrum was because he had fallen asleep in the 5 minutes it took to go from our house to school.

Markie does what is called "guesting in" with another class first thing in the morning. So his regular teacher may not have seen this.

Everyday when I pick him up, I ask the teacher how his day went and if he was good. Most days there is nothing to report.

Am I right to be upset that I found out about this the next day from the bus driver and that neither of the teachers told me?


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Yes, you have a right to be upset. I would definitely discuss the incident with the teacher.

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I'm not sure, maybe living with a 2-year-old has warped my view, but I don't see tantrums as a big deal. I mean, there's a disappointment of some kind, the tantrum happens, the tantrum's over, you move on. Maybe you should tell the teachers that you'd like to know about any tantrums that happen.

When I'm watching other people's children, I like to tell the parents about any poops, falls, what they ate, length of nap, etc, but if my nephew throws a fit two minutes after he arrives, it's not such a big deal that I'll remember it 4 hours later when his mom comes to pick him up.

Maybe with him being 3 and at school, it is a bigger deal than I think. In any case, I think you should talk to the teacher. Personally, I would like to know, but I can also see how it's a forgettable thing.


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