am I over reacting or are the school admins crazy???

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Ive read several things on hea about teachers bullying kids... I dont think that is the case in my situation but I still need some advice. My 2nd grader is getting in trouble alot more this year than he ever has. here is some background information: we have moved , houses and school, and had a new that being said I know he hasbeen going thru alot but I realy think the issue is with the school so here goes and please tell me what you think:The 1st week at his new school he gets written up and detention for "shooting a bird" per another student, the teacher sisnt even see it happen ( i didnt know this until after the fact) He was "popping his fingers" pulling them back one at atime... he wasn't shooting a bird!! now when his teacher calle dme and told me whathad happened i guess she caught me in a mood bc i t apologized and told her to send him on to detention without even talking to my son first!! (big mistake , will never happen again) we(my husband and i) had a talk with his teacher about the asituation and told her we didnt agree with what happened bc 1stof all she didnt see it happen and 2nd (i didnt mention this yet) since it was the 1stweek of school they were not having detentionthat week it was supposed to start next week buthey let my son stay anyway.. so he was the only child in there.. my sona has never been to detention and when i picked him up he just started bawling and hugging me... i felt like the worst mom in history!!! he tells me all the time abouthowthey have silent lunch and silent break and how it wasnt "their day to talk"... I think this is just crazy!!! but on to myissue..He brought home another write up kast week for throwing a pencil. it read on the bottom "was warned if this happens againit would result in detention" but also had a date of detention. ?!?! i told him not to worry about it.. well they called this am and informed me he had skipped detention... grrrrr I scheduled a meeting with them inthe morning but i really do not know what i am going to say or do!!! I'm furious and do nt want to say or do anything i will regret but when it comes to my babies... I have no filter and all reasoning goes out the window! please help!!


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You need to review the school handbook to familiarize yourself with the school policies. Then, you'll be armed to speak with the teacher.

But, always remember, there are 2 sides to every story, and kids do not always tell the full story. Not that he's lying, but he may not be giving you all the details either.

Best of luck

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