Am I over reacting that my mother in law has pitures of herself with my husbands ex all over her house?

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Ok, so I must start out saying that my mother in law and I get along great most of the time and that I feel fortunate to have her in my life. Also, that we have been staying with her at her house, untill our house is finished. When my husband and I started dating, I noticed she had numerous pictures up of his ex all around the house. My husband did have a son with her so I didnt mention anything. When we got engaged, I told my husband that it really bothered me and he talked to his mom about it. She said that it was her house and she likes the pictures and was not going to take them down. After we married she finally took the picture of my husband and the ex down, but she still has up 3 others of herself and the ex. Also, She told me that she does a bunch of free tattoo removal (she is a dermotologist)on her and not to tell my husband. So here is my question.... Am I over reacting and being jealous? Or is it disrespectful to me and should I discuss it with her that it hurts my feelings? I know it wont change anything and it is out of my control, but it really hurts my feelings. Especially because the mother in law and I get along so well....


Dove - posted on 01/09/2013




It's her house. Granted, since she knows it bothers you it would be nice if she took the pictures down while you were living there, but since she hasn't.... your best bet is to let it go unless you want to start a conflict with her.

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