Am I overreacting?

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My husband and I have been married for nearly 11 years and we have two wonderful children. I accidentally discovered a disturbing email that he sent a coworker, as he had left his emails open. His first language isn't English so at the beginning he wrote to this person, "let me see if I can make you smile. Let's finish the Spanish lesson." The email proceeded with what seemed like a sexual poem about caressing a woman's breasts and entering her.

I was so nauseated and angry when I read this. I confronted him and he said it was harmless fun with a liberal friend, who also doesn't see this as offensive. She had been picking on him for not knowing how to write well in English, so he was just trying to make a point to his friend that although his English may not be perfect, he did know how to write in his native language.

He accused me of jealousy and told me there was absolutely nothing going on. He does come to me at night; however, I think this just crossed the line. By the way, he has locked his phone and doesn't share email passwords as he says i will tale anything out of context. Please advise! Am I overacting?


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Your husband must take you for a fool. To me a husband only has eyes for the woman he is married to and should have no need to go elsewhere which sounds like your husband may be doing. You are definitely not overreacting because I would be livid and would have packed my bags the second I saw that.
Of course they won't see it as "offensive" because they are the ones having "innocent" fun and just want to make you think it's "no big deal".

If he doesn't speak spanish they don't have to write sexual things back and fourth for him to learn it. They're just being perverted.

Also, he locked his phone so now his conversations will be 100% private so they can say whatever they want to eachother without you knowing and confronting.
I would pack my things and leave with the kids now, file for divorce, and go out and enjoy life. You don't need a man bringing you down like that. It's pure disrespect no matter how he sees it.

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