Am I overreacting ?

Michelle - posted on 04/18/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi ladies, I'm living with my parents while my house is getting renovated. I Exclusively breastfeed my son, no bottle or anything, he's 10 months. I am with him every second of every day, we have never been apart. You can imagine the level of attachment between him and I. Well anyways, I put him in his crib to play and my parents came home. They wanted to play with him so I left the lovin room for a few minutes to reply to an email. When I came back, they took my son out, without letting me know. I had no idea where they went or if he was ok. I don't have a cellphone so I couldn't call. I have seperation anxiety, they know that. They came back in about 10 minutes but I was still upset. Am I overreacting ?


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Dove - posted on 04/19/2015




They just took him out of the crib... or they totally left the property? I'm assuming they totally left the property and yes... I would be very upset if anyone took my child w/out at least the curteosy of letting me KNOW. Thankfully even my child's father (when we were together) would not have just taken off w/out telling me they were going out. That's just flat out disrespectful and has nothing to do w/ separation anxiety.

Ev - posted on 04/19/2015




I would also agree. Is the father involved as you never mentioned him? If he is do you have issues if he takes the baby somewhere for 10 minutes? I am sorry if it sounds rough the responses you are getting but they are real answers. I had to allow someone to watch my baby when she was under a year of age because I had to work. I had no choice in it. You are lucky to be home with your baby. I also had the same issues once I had my son. I had to work and he had to be with someone during the day while I did work. His sis was in school by this time. What are you going to do when he gets the age to go to school?

Jodi - posted on 04/19/2015




I agree with the other ladies. You are overreacting. You need to trust that as his grandparents, he was going to be ok. If YOU are the one with separation anxiety, you may want to seek assistance with managing that. At 10 months old, you should be able to be without your child for 10 minutes without having anxiety over it.

I also agree that he should be eating solid foods by now. There is a window in which it is optimum to introduce solid foods, and your child is a little beyond it. Unless there are other developmental delays, you should be doing something about this now.

Michelle - posted on 04/19/2015




Yes you over reacted. Like Sarah said, they are his grandparents and it was only 10 mins. I think you need to start leaving him with others for stretches at a time. It's not healthy for both of you.
In regards to only breastfeeding, he should be having solids by this age.

Sarah - posted on 04/18/2015




Yes you are overreacting. It was 10 mins. and they are his grandparents. If it was only 10 mins I am sure they were not far and possibly close enough for you to go and look for them and find them.

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